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  • There are a lot. Try this website. I know that the site is from the United Kingdom but it may put you in the right direction.


    FOrged wheels make some
    VMR makes some
    R-mesh wheels
    Tenzo Type M
    Ha yeah I had a feeling that was you but I wasn't certain. Car looks good man ! Those HIDs are bright haha. what wheels do you have. Wish I would've known then I would've waved! How's the car? Yeah the 6 speed really opens the v6 up!
    Ive done my headlights and other headlights so many times. If you need any help I can help you do it right the first time since I've made so many errors previously. I've got it down pat now.
    You might have I'm around that area and cedar bluff all the time. I'm an all black on black loud v6 6 speed swapped accord coupe. Maybe we'll cross paths one day soon
    Dude what part of knoxville TN are you from? I wonder if you've seen my accord around or if I've seen yours. I'm from knoxville also.
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