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  • Happy birthday! I'm going to have sone Korean BBQ. Hope you have a good dinner or lunch or food in anyway! Clean accord btw
    think i should try out the prokit on the stock shocks or is that gonna be a recipe for disaster. the guy i got them off of said he ran his for like 40000miles on the stock ones and didnt have an issue
    the badge i ordered was actually too small but when i took the original badge off the black piece was able to be separated so i just spray painted that red. win. and the other badge that was too small is now a belt buckle. even more win
    i saw joo get my car lol shoulda came in. spoiler came today and springs are supposed to be here tues. guess i gotta get shocks now. and oh yeah your drop looks like sex
    nicee i was hoping you could help me with it since ill have no idea. i guess ill have to order some shocks though before i can get them put on
    i got my oem style spoiler in the mail and hope fully springs from allgonoshow so hopefully after i get setup we r have teh photoshoot
    hey man, someone told me you had some shocks up for sale, and i was just wondering how much you wanted for them. or if you are still up to selling em
    i really think im going to pick up your springs. i just dont know about shocks? if i have to do shocks i dont want to spend the money but if i can just do the springs i think im in. i just need someone to let me know if they are going to blow because they have so many miles
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