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    FS: OEM V6 center caps and window regulator

    Since I no longer have my 6th gen in the family, and I'm moving soon, it's time to clean out the spares. I've got a set of (4) Coupe V6 center caps and a passenger rear window regulator, both OEM parts. Center caps: 44732-S87-A00 - $25 plus shipping Window regulator: 72711-S84-A01 -...
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    FS: OEM Service manuals (4 cyl, 6cyl, and electrical)

    I have for sale, a slightly used set of OEM service manuals. This includes all three manuals, the standard 4 cylinder, the 6 cylinder supplement, and the electrical troubleshooting manual. There is a light sheen of oil fingers that have graced some of the pages and the edges also show some light...
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    FS: Free 6th gen fiberglass box and trim panels.

    Sad day!! I literally couldn't give this away so off to the dump it went!
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    FS: Free 6th gen fiberglass box and trim panels.

    That's correct, I'm in Knoxville, TN 37921.
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    FS: Free 6th gen fiberglass box and trim panels.

    Let me first say sorry to those that were interested, I completely forgot that I posted this on here, and haven’t been on here since I posted it. With that being said, here’s the specs: 2-12” subwoofer enclosure made for Image Dynamics IDQ12V3D4 subs (not included). The subs are setup with...
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    FS: Tein SS-P's with EDFC, Mini BBK, Misc stereo goodies

    Bump for a moving sale!! Fiberglass spare tire well sub box for 2 - 12" drivers with all trim panels! $200 picked up or buyer pays shipping (yikes) Pillars with tweeter cups (no drivers) $50 OEM pillars $20 Kick panels with ring for 6.5" driver (no drivers) $100 6.5" Center...
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    Alternator questions

    The V6 will not fit. I tried for a few weeks to get it to work and finally gave up. I have a nicely rebuilt V6 alternator sitting on the bench if anyone is interested! Anyways, I tried to make a custom welded bracket to make it mount while still being adjustable. The cast ears on the case are...
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    Removing aftermarket remote starter

    Just be wary that it (the remote start brain) may have included a starter kill circuit and disabling the unit may make your car never start. I would research which brand/model and see what features it's supposed to include. If it's anything like the one I had in my car, it has wiring going to...
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    FS: Tein SS-P's with EDFC, Mini BBK, Misc stereo goodies

    Bump back from the dead!! Coilovers, brakes, one W505, both H701's sold!! I'm taking offers on the other goodies!!
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    Acura RL BBK Upgrade

    I've got a set of Legend dual piston calipers, TL brackets and 11.8" rotors for sale that will fit any 6th gen with 5 lug hubs. All of that for $150 plus shipping, it doesn't get much cheaper than that!