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    DIY Paddleshifters on F23A1?

    Sounds like a lil rice but I would go for it and I support it lol... That would be a dope mod to see. I mean newer Lincolns like the MKZ use actual buttons for their tranny, and i know new chryslers/dodges use a dial type button selector. So why not some paddles on the honda? I think it is...
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    What freaking car is this???

    Thanks for the reply guys and yeah that makes alot of sense, Mechanical parts would be easier to replace/repair , where something like a bumper or whatever would be overseas... Do you guys think its worth owning one in the us? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What freaking car is this???

    I was watching a random video on youtube and came across this car, no one in the comments, or anyone i ask simply dont know. but a rwd. Sedan that potentially looks like a toyota or an acura is really impressive. Im trying to figure it out because who knows... If its a deal I might get one ...
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    J32A2 + 6MT swap in my '01 F23/H23 5MT chassis

    Bro nice ****ing find man... It can always be done just gotta have a little faith lol ive seen some weird *** mods so tbh swapping things around isnt bad. Ive seen people get bored and put like tractor turbos on a car just for laughs . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looking to upgrade from the 6th gen, any ideas?

    FWD i would go TL Type S but if you want AWD maybe a subie? Lol but like sketch said your pretty much good if you have good snow tires, and if you wanna be the roadmaster in the snow just get studded tires. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Muffler help!

    You know what I agree about the ****ty sound, but at least it doesnt sound ebayish lol. But i love your example and im definitely gonna go through with that and hopefully when i get it on ill send you a test video or whatever of some revs and hard pulls. I appreciate your help man truly. Ive...
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    Muffler help!

    Whats up guys newbie here. Im looking for reccomendations for a good muffler system to throw on my accord coupe. i have an F32a1 that i plan on swapping for an h22 and maybe going turbo if i dont decide to get a 6 Cyl. So i want to get something decent. Im not the richest guy but if its a decent...