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  • Hey man! Been a while, I been ok! Still have the Accord, and now have a 91 Integra turbo race built, 83 Porsche 944, and 92 Sentra SE-R N/A race built! You around these parts you still in New Hampshire?? I'm like 10 minutes from NH.
    Hey man, good to see you back on here!

    Things haven't been too well as far as the Accord - the second engine just went bye bye. I need to rebuild it the proper way. Other than that, things are awesome. Graduated college, and moving to Maine to get a job! How about you? What's been up?
    Yo VINH! Where have you been? Hit me up, I'm in Maine now for good we need to meet up yo!

    - Nikita
    not to bad bro...i miss the good old days on the site tho....back wen u had ur iron man sig...hahaha...good times....did u get a new car or something which is y ur on prelude power? oh and they had a big discussion about final fantasy and i jus came across that and it was FTW
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