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  • Hey, I need to talk to you, do I need to talk with Form and Function directly myself?
    let me know,
    I was reading on the function and form type 1 and type 2 coilovers and they are starting to get my attention. I read most of the post on them and they have a great rating. I'm kinda new to the modding scene so try to work with me. Lol. Are the prices on the first page the prices now or any sales coming up or what? Thanks dude.
    Hey man i'm down in the socal area, Imperial Beach to be exact.
    I just got some tein s-techs and tokico illuminas i was wondering how much you guys would charge to install?? I'm not tryin to get butt raped on installation prices so im searching around.

    send me back a PM whenever possible thank you
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