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  • That's a good, clear message you posted in the Miss USA thread, brother.

    God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in Him.

    I've been walking with the Lord for 29 years; it gets better every day, and He has never let me down.
    hah yea i have my own gear (thus need the trunk space and that's why i wanted to sell my subs)

    i'm usually very spontaneous. if my friends call and i'm free, then i'd go. haha. dude you should organize a 6ga socal snowboarding trip :D i'd be so down to go man
    this year's actually my second season, but im really addicted to it haha. i went to mammoth early jan, and bear dec of last year and have been to mt high all the other times just because it's cheap lol. dude hit me up when u wanna go, i might be free to go with you who knows
    hah i know.. no one likes me =[

    actually i went many tiems already! haha i've been for almost at least once every week. did you get to go yet? haha
    are you still interested in my snowboard? i remember you saying something about it in the shoutbox a couple days ago
    hey man thanks for the how is the ride quality/v6 acceleration going from a 6th gen to 7th gen? one of my friends has a '06 accord special edition, and his car rides so smoothly...his 4cyl accord was just as fast as my '00 v6 accord lol
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