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  • its easier to get notifications lol so i know when you reply, also keeps track of our conversation, did you get a hold of an OEM rear lip? or no?
    ... If I waned insurance to rape me. :lawl:
    I'm 18, so my insurance is already really high. I just wanna find a 5 speed 6thgen and I'll be a happy man. Lol
    I really do want an s13, always have, but I'm trying to stay in the Honda family right now while I'm still a broke college student because my dad gets really good discounts at the local Honda dealership. Lol
    Thank you man. :)
    I'm actually considering a Prelude. :hide: lol
    I just need to see how much insurance would be on one.
    it rides smooth on the road but ****tyl on the track i will be upgrading to buddy club racing coilovers this year!
    if you know your area pretty well then you can dodge em lol! or get a sticker that says "Not Drunk Dodging POTHOLES" if you think i am low sd2000av6 (Mike) is lower than me by atleast 1.5 inches im just running corrected camber he is driving w/o camber kits!
    its a GT Garage Advance JDM license plate holder with adjustable positioning got it at Super Auto Bacs USA Super Store a couple of years ago in Los Angeles then AutoBacs went bankrupt then the store name changed to Super Auto Toyz that too went bankrupt i have listed all of my modifications in my member ride profile check it out lots of pictures too!
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