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  • Is it the WS or WS2? The WS is pretty rare and it sounds better I think, from what I remember. Anyway, that's dirt cheap man. It should be easy for muffler shops to fit it on your car. I kinda want to let my 17x9 XXR 962 go but I don't know what wheels I want. It's so hard finding wheels for 4-lug.
    Dude, wsup man! Do you still have the magnaflow muffler I traded you a couple years back for your flowmaster? Haha I remember we met up and we went to the muffler shop to get them swapped. Been a long time.
    I am definitely considering those. Do you have any sort of sway bars / lower tie bars [ after market ] installed? The suspension is woods for me, I have mostly focused on the engine in the past. I picked up SPC rear camber kit, you think it would work nice with the Type 1's?
    Hey man, what coilovers you have on yours? The ride height looks great on that pic!
    For the time being. Find your original photos on your computer. Upload them to instead of photobucket. I know for a fact that does not resize your picture or what not.
    When I clicked on them they seemed small. Maybe I messed up when I looked at them.

    And it's not about the file size (amount of megabites) persay, it's about the dimensions/ resolution.

    Like a lot of peoples pictures on that sight are like 2000 x 2000 and more.

    That's weird that photobucket did that to your photos because my pictures of uploaded thru my photobucket account and they weren't resized like yours.
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