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  • Hey which shocks do you like better? The Koni yellow's or Bilstein Sports? And why? ;)
    Thinking about going with either set and some race springs to replace my Ksport coilovers, looking for something with great dampening thats stiff.
    I have a black, stick-shift 6th gen coupe. Right now I've:

    • Swapped out the upper and lower grilles and put in black Grillcrafts.
    • Swapped out the stock headlights for projectors and added an HID kit.
    • Swapped out the stock disk brakes for cross-drilled disks.

    I plan to:
    • Add a stock spoiler to the car
    • Tint the windows
    • Drop the car using either K-Sport or Tien SS coilovers
    • Swap the stock wheels out and put on 18" gunmetal Enkei WDMs
    • Add the Acura TL Sway bar with Moog endlinks
    • MAYBE tinker with the transmission, but I don't know enough about that yet to even begin doing that.
    If your dark blue one looks just like the white one, I'll buy it from you! I want one so I can test out how exterior mods will make the car look before I do them.
    hahaha...not too bad.....i wish i had one of my car leave it here in my office...hahaha
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