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  • i used 3 $3 cans of rust o leum paint. lol. the kinda i used said it was good for metal on the can. been through about 20 car washes and is still good. no primer. and i used a satin clear
    PEPSI! hey im getting coilovers soon want to help me out? i already talked to reggie about it and he's willing to help me put them on.
    lol na thanx bro i got a whole system sittin in my house jus donnt no if i should put it in i park my car n da street..already got radio stolen =/ honestly i have 2 8'' beyma 2 10'' ev and 4 6.5'' o2.. honestly the ev take more abuse and are cheaper for size i love them but ima prob get beyma tweeter and get rid of the 8'' for bass i say get fi bro those ****s hittt.. ima fan of voice my bass is weak haha
    yea i want beyma for voice ...and some ev's and some compatition amps and sub ....i got the l7 cuz i always wanted them but after i heard sleepy comp sub im like stuck between the two ....
    oh i kknow about canal street lol....yo you wanna buy some kicker :L7 12 inch two in a ported box i need them gone to pay some bills $350 i used them like twice on a radio in my house just cuz i wanted to hear them ....let me knw
    b&c are pretty good too plus they cheaper..also immenince..practicaly any guitar speakrs lol.
    there this place a would go to in bk..i think i remember payin 120 for a 10''..but canal is the way to go if u buyin bulk.i decided to put the music back in my car once i get another amp =) and ur goin to need beyma tweeters for those too
    oh ok....i was wondering where did you get the ev speakers you use to have in the car?? any hook ups looking to get some soon as i can...
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