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    FS: Genuine OEM Sides and Rear Lip

    i want to low ball you so badd!!! lol wish u were in the states instead. id be all over this.
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    Downtown Sacramento Car Meet! June 21st!!! Summer time!

    please shoot me the addy? someone? anyone?
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    FS: Avic f90bt nav double din deck

    this is so tempting. does it come with the bypass?
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    6th gen dually?? Had me laughing

    its ready for a survival walking dead type deal.
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    Whats your MPG on a full tank?

    350-400 range full tank. City/highway, mainly city driving tho. I havent taken her on a rd trip yet. -f23a4 5spd intake/2 1/4 pipe.
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    FS: BINB DC SPORT, Progress, Injen, Function Form, Koni *SoCal Only*

    are u able to get another progress RSB? im very interested. please PM me. thanks
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    Post pics of your shift boot.

    Do u have a link to that boot?
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    should I recone?

    come get at me if ur interested in custom woofers. i can make them in all sizes 8 10 12 15 18 and 21. from daily to monster SPL.
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    one run of 1/0 awg, where to run?

    im building this bad boy. 125lbs+