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  • When I got my engine the downpipes where cut. I did use the TL headers and just bolted the accord downpipe. Soon down the line I will get a better headers and exhuast. But to answer your question, YES accord downpipe, MAYBE even headers (the j32 is basically a j30 stroked) I even used accord axles for now. I work on my car slowly so that was for testing purposes... so far so good. Since you are you going manual, I heard and read the rear header has a little bend for the mount or shifter cables? I forget which one.
    GOOD LUCK cant wait to see yours with the 6speed
    No I think you misunderstood me. The only reason I bought a new ECU was because I took off the immo chip inside the ECU. The soldering points are small, so I didn't want to try soldering it. So I bought a new ECU with the chip still inside. That has nothing to do with the ignition immo receiver.
    Are you going to get a swap done with your accord ecu? That's only possible with the Richie harness I believe.
    Nothing went wrong. My first ECU I took of the immobilizer, I wanted to try out the engine I was impatient lol. I didn't want to solder it back on (Its small pins, my soldering skills on a small board aren't up to par) so i got a new ECU. The ECU I took of the Immo works fine, you will throw a code without the Immo. In my state I wont Pass Inspection
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