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  • I followed you in the caravan for a while. Ur coupe was sittin pretty. I will be a the HB event. We'll meet up again Brother!
    yeah yeah i remember that
    ill post pics later on today
    it was cool meeting you man def have to do it again
    and i thought you were white before i met you lol. your hispanic right
    R1 Concepts Drilled and Slotted rotors .. and I just got hawk pads maybe 5k miles ago .. they're squeeking a lot and the pedal shakes when i break so im pretty sure my rotors are warped lol.
    its commin in tomorrow mayne :))))) the dam tire shop lost my wheel lock key so i cant install anything :( i wanna get my rotors and rsb in before eibach ..
    I already sold the DS Lite. I found someone else to help me out with it so it's cool. Thanks for the offer though.
    Yeah, sounds good to me. Just let me know what time you want to drop by my apartment to pick it up.
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