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  • Continued it only allowed 240 letters lol.

    Honda_99 says drill it out bigger for it to fit. He says can’t swap lower control arms cuz it’s configured different. Some people were saying if it can be swapped on 7th gen accord then it should work on ours. Any info would be appreciated.
    Hey do you know if the Acura TL brembo calipers can be fitted into av6? I searched here and google but there’s no clear and definite answer because costs was to high or they were in on over their heads causing them to give up and sell their bbk. I have everything to make a swap but only thing is the lower ball joint.
    I have a 98 4cylinder automatic model so I'm assuming V6 steering wheel will fit mine. Also '99 Acura CL interior window/door chrome trim mod, any pics of it? Direct fit? 07 Acura TL-S MT rear sway 20mm w/Moog end links mod. Will that work on my car? Continued post due to 420 character limit,
    Hi Red super clean car you got. So I'm new here to the forum and not sure how to inbox people, but I have a few questions. I was looking at your mods and what year TL/CL is the OEM strut bar you used on your car? Is it direct fit? How about the CL-S steering wheel? Just in case I can't find a CL-S model regular CL model should be the same right(fitment wise) ?
    Hello, I recently had picked up a Richie V6 Module of of someone locally to do a 6 speed swap in my accord. He didnt have the install packet with instructions, and was wondering if you or someone you know have them at all or a picture of them? im trying to figure out what wires need to go where when I do the install.
    Hey Red,

    I need your advice. Yesterday my Cipher driving seat broke, well part of it. The back reclining part can no longer lock in place anywhere around 90 degrees. It is now VERY uncomfortable. I know we were talking about the CL-S seats before. My question is how do you think is best to go about finding a set? When I replaced the seats originally, I threw out the stock rails and everything from the OEM seats.
    Thanks Red,

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