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    East Bay car meet

    coming from concord, CA looking to have a car meet real soon summer time is coming around looking forward to seeing peoples cars, i'm a photographer so car meets are one of the biggest things i love. got a 2001 silver Honda accord ex stock with only 62,000, let me know if your down for a meet.
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    San francisco bay area roll call!!!

    calling in from concord 2001 stock with nothing on it yet just got the car earlier this month, got to wait a lil bit till i can put some stuff on it. would really like to have a car meet, i'm a photographer and love going to car meets and take pics of people and their cars hit me up.
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    Roll Call: Northwest (CA, OR, WA)

    I'm from Pleasant Hill, California. Car photographer check it out let me know what you think if a meet happens would definitely take some photos of everybody's car