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ryan s

they dont think it, from be like it is

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    1. Alex D
      Alex D
      Hey Ryan, I realize this is an old post but I have a question about your intake resonator post.

      I purchased a used 98 a couple years ago and have begun working on it. It was in an accident and the resonator was crushed. From your post, it appears you removed it. If that's correct, why did you do that? Should I even consider looking for a replacement for mine, or leave as is?

      Thanks again
    2. anmsr
      Hi Ryan. Pretty sure it have been asked multiple times in forum but still I like to ask. I got an accord 2001 sedan and want to upgrade factory audio. Got inifinity kappas 6x9 at rear and some pioneer at front. Do not want a sub but crisp sound would be nice. With a Kenwood kdcx592, i am getting slightly better audio but still not crisp enough. Do i need an amp? I am on budget and really not into subs now (may be in future an 8inch sub). What will be my option? Any recommendation for used amps. Thanks in advance!!
    3. ryan s
      ryan s
      Would be nice for these next couple days with 12"+ of snow on the way :lawl:
    4. RedRyder
    5. Bax
      Hey ryan, someone gave me a Kicker ZX1000.1 amp with two kicker 10" subs. is that worth running wire through my car again? or would it be better to sell them? i'm not smart when it comes to car audio, at least not as smart as you anyways. lol
    6. Bax
      I just gotta tell you, your sigs crack me up. :lawl:
    7. Balwin
      Epic sig pic, chap.
    8. BadgerType
      By the power of greyskull......
    9. BadgerType
      gotta catch em all

    10. 99accord boi
      99accord boi
      hey i plan on building a box for my 15l7 kicker i was thinking 17in tall x 24wide x 15deep with a 1in port
      does this sound good? or should it be deeper.. i have no idea how to tune a box lol
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