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    So-Cal Meet...?

    at crown point? hahaha sweet i cant wait :thumbup:
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    So-Cal Meet...?

    Is there any stirs about a So-Cal Meet? I'm dying to meet all of you other so-cal peeps and some sexy accords.. Anything thought up yet? You can put me in as already going, if there is gonna be one! :peace:
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    warshed the coupe today at a car warshing place, super duper squeaky clean :hihi:
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    whats your toe and camber?

    good thing you posted this because i wanted to see some input on it too hahaha. Im in your boat man :beer: Oh and when you drop about 2.5" or so (probably less) in the front, do you need to adjust the camber/buy a kit? Better yet, to what extent do you need to mess with the front's camber?
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    Terrible MPG

    18 city for me... definately check your psi in all tires, filter, yada yada- pretty much everyone said. Oh, and train yourself to let off like .5 of a mile before the red light and coast to stops, dont accelerate hard, in other words... drive like a woman ;) thats what i am having to do and...
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    Whats your MPG on a full tank?

    about the same for me now... light footing it for a while now :p
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    ELItE1's 00 ACCORD COUPE!!(56KAE)(7-5-14 new pics)

    Re: ELItE1's 00 ACCORD COUPE!!(56KAE)NEW PICS holy amazingness
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    Help a brotha out plz!

    Its illegal to do a tranny swap??
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    KnightRyder - 2000 Accord V6 Coupe *** UPDATED 12/11/11

    Man oh man is that interior amazing.. such a beautiful car
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    So-Cal98's 98' Coupe EX v6 (56k)

    haha yeah, just had to clean the baby again, all my friends ask why i clean the bay, but they dont realize the satisfaction of a clean car ;) hopefully i get my coupe like yours :hihi:
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    So-Cal98's 98' Coupe EX v6 (56k)

    Stock 1998 Honda accord v6 Engine: stock 3.0l v6 w/ intake resonator mod Suspension currently stock Interior Stock wood trim/leather, Sony deck, 12" Cozmik 1500watt subwoofer with an 800watt amp, dope a$$ dash cover ;) Coming soon Function and Form Type 1 coilovers, 2 more paychecks...
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    Hello From Brooklyn

    Sounds like a nice looking car. I agree with the lights, they will look great. I'm going to pick up some black housed headlights for my white coupe, it'll be STELLAR :thumbup:
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    And people say leds dont have projectile...

    I just had the idea because nobody has had those mounted. How many people do you see with yellow/hid fogs? a lot. how many people do you see with these? i haven't ever. This is going on my list of mods, after my drop :D
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    Quick question...

    Yeahh.. im sure we were raised the same.... buy our own crap, dont complain, do your homework, dont back-talk... and the spankings set us straight ;) hahahaha
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    engine noise

    OR... it could be an alternator bearing. Mine made a scary knock like that too (v6 tho) and it ended up being a bad alternator. Go get it checked just in case.. Start with the cheap chit first :p