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    OFFICIAL SMR coupe crew

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    OFFICIAL SMR coupe crew

    is it okay to post a stock SMR, lol im too broke to buy mods atm...
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    Korean Race Queen + Accord

    looks like a guy jus had a sex change... but great car
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    DIY: Clean your IACV

    yo thanks soo much for this, i went to dealership and they like they gotta replace the whole vac/idle and put in new one, it was guna be like 200-300 bucks, thanks a lot man u saved me up some good amount. after i did this car been running smooth, no stalls at all. Also if u do ground kit...
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    Jon's 99 5spd EX Coupe

    Re: kn0x47's 1999 SMR Coupe EX-L 5spd(56K) sweet ride man, i love to see another red coupe :thumbup:
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    99 accord - noise when turning

    i had a similar problem with my toyota, it seemed to be CV joint, maybe check that out
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    Raul's 1998 Accord Coupe V6 [Retired]

    Re: Raul's 1998 Accord Coupe V6 [Winter Mode] ill car man, but yo what u say about low car in winter. does it runs around without gettin stuck. does lip pull too much snow. im tryna get around 2 in drop and coilovers too expensive, so would u say 1.7 F and 1.5 R, will be decent for all season
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    wings west lip kit

    My friend got one, used, it fits nicely especially when thers a couple of people to help. just get painted done professionally, sorry for thread jacking but where did u guys order the brand new kits, wat will be a good place to get it ordered to canada.
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    Redmeansfaster's EX V6 Coupe(56K)

    nice setup man, i wondered how blackhoused halos would look on red, pretty decent.. yo should get rid of spoiler, imo your car will look better without it
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    KnightRyder - 2000 Accord V6 Coupe *** UPDATED 12/11/11

    Re: KnightRyder - 2000 Accord V6 Coupe *** UPDATED 4/28/11 those rims are too ill, i might jus steal em :P
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    Chiefy's Ride my own photoshoot 7-26-09

    sick ride man, and some ill picks :thumbup:
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    Accord_J30a (6/22/11)

    Re: Update 4/26/2011 not a big fan of sedans, but this is nice and clean :)
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    Soobi's 1999 red accord coupe Ex

    around 120,000 miles, not sure im in canada we use km, its 193,000 km. kinda high on miles, but runs good, just a bit of idle problem.
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    Soobi's 1999 red accord coupe Ex

    thanks man, im guna clean my car and take new pics, color really shines after a wash.
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    Soobi's 1999 red accord coupe Ex

    yes the original front was cracked by the previous owner and he installed a new one and repainted it, and ye im defs thinking about jus doin a H22 instead, im jus new to mechanics and dont know much about swaps yet. Thats why im here to learn a bit more about my car and how to mod it from the...