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  • aww man! im getting my new engine swapped in this thursday! damn you RJ. i speak highly of you guys to sabrina and yet things never go well. so $40 is what we would pay at the door? would u guys wanna go next week?
    so whats up with knotts tickets for freight fest? can tawny's mom get us the tickets for a good deal? lets go!!!
    aah damn. its cause someone wants to shoot my car but i have to find a spot. and all my spots been burned out already haha. so im asking around
    So I read through all 31 pages of your swap thread today. It got me thinking how excited I would be to have this...and I am looking into it. Just wanted to tell you. lol

    Hope life is good! Eager to see what you're doing to your front end.
    Hey man..I got a set on the 18th of this month..

    It's in Pomona, at Friar Tucks 10-10:45.. Let me know if you are down, I'll kick you more details.
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