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    »Form follows Funtion« MikeyMike's »3.5 »S/c »6 Speed MT »Coupe [Updated 2/20/11]

    Re: •MikeyMike's• •1999• •3.5 L• •6 Speed• • SuperCharged• •CG2• [56k] Sweet! Can't wait to see more!
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    LED Conversion

    So far so good.... can't wait to see the final product
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    Roll Cage

    I guess I'm the only person who thinks this is a bad idea. I don't see the difference between doing this and putting a wheelie bar on your car.
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    DIY- LX 5 Lug and Rear Disc Swap

    Here's how mine went: here's the official breakdown Knuckles $220 ebay New Pads $80 partsamerica v6 Calipers $160 rockauto New Rotors $160 autozone Steelies w/ Spare $90 craigslist 4 Lug Nuts $0 dad Came out to about $700
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    DIY: daytime running lights!!! I DID ITT!!!

    He could add a potentiometer inline, but at that point he might have well just started out doing that to the stock setup. I fail to see the point of this... why not just keep your headlights on when you drive?
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    Re: j35 swap Yeah, like a boustiee.
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    THE Lighting Review Thread

    Brand & Model: CCFL Tag Lights (Kevin's kit) Price paid & from where: Got the first series for $20 shipped. Pros: Good color (i got the white), bright but not too bright. Comes with all the instructions your need and Kevin was really quick with answering PMs. Cons: I had some troubles with...
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    I love special K :)

    I wish I had photoshop
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    kid crashes his TL and gets owned...FUNNY

    Idiots like him should at least buy american - maybe going through all those cars will help bailout Detroit.
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    DIY LED clock light (w/ pics)

    I think it's 3mm. May be 4mm.
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    Wrecked My Accord

    Thanks everyone. I'm extremely lucky all the damage was superficial and that I have a garage full of replacement parts.
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    Wrecked My Accord

    bump for updates. thanks for all the comments!
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    Wrecked My Accord

    Update: 4/17/09 Before the wreck - notice the shiny new headlights, cf hood w/ pins: After the wreck: After much hammering and prying the car is almost back to normal: Story: I was at a stop light, light changed, car in front of me started moving, I did too. Apparently he stopped and I...
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    It's a good idea but honestly people who don't read the rules now arn't going to even if they're more readily available.