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    Indo's 8thgen accord NEW update (too much pixz ;) )

    hahaha, haven't been able to drive it yet, still in NC, and won't be able to pick up the car til sun :banghead: ^^ thanks :D as of right now, i ma leave it the way it is, til i can play with big stuff i do have aem tru boost to play around with, but not gonna do that, til i'm comfy with the...
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    Indo's 8thgen accord NEW update (too much pixz ;) )

    update, turbo 8thgen accord hey guys, I know its been a while since I post something here but finally, after a long wait, I got my accord tuned by KMOD big thanks to: -Marquis from Kmod to trouble shoot my car, and tuning it -Jeremy Haas for installing the turbo kit -and all...
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    What is cheap way to make your car as quiet as much as possible?

    ^^^ buy this ^^^ :rofl: those thing are so quiet, that it always creep on me when I'm walking on the sidewalk >.<
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    FNCONE's Honda Accord 2001 V6 Sedan

    this is a very nice build!!! MUCH REP POINTS for you!!!
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    Parents won't let me mod

    hahah, the question is, did u pay for your car? if so, then you can do what ever you want to it, regardless of what your parents say but if they paid for it, its under their name, its their car, not yours so save up money so you can pay for that car, and swap the name owner to yours, and once...
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    New Skin is up.

    i like the orange/black/white theme
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    New Skin is up.

    i wish i can screen shot, but i'll have to wait til i get home, the pc at work is like window 2001... screen shot wasn't invented yet >.< edit: actually, i got it, here ya go
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    New Skin is up.

    ummm, y is there a white stock 8thgen accord on the banner? if you want an 8thgen, at least use mine :flamingdevil: :hidesbehindsofa:
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    F23 block f20c head

    JUST PUT A K-SERIES and call it a day ;) during dre's time, K parts are expensive as heck!!! now you can get some cheap K long block with tranny under $1000 but be warn, there are a lot of k series that are slow, like k20a3 or k24a4 and blah blah blah :lol2:
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    ROTM: Christmas!!

    ^ hahahahah give me until sun. night :challenge:
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    ROTM: Christmas!!

    ohhh snap... when is the deadline?
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    Contest #21 Macro - Voting Thread

    whoa... all are so epic, I'm having difficulty choosing
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    syclone's R32 GTR

    :shizweak: jk jk I LOVE IT!!! :D :naughty: