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    Where can I buy 01-02 coupe fog covers?

    Cant find them online and i would rather not order from honda.
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    broken axle

    Clicking signifies a broken axle. I doubt an axle out of place would make any noise other than rattling.
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    <br> Cleaned that lady up.
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    Saw one of your post about fog lights. I got some fogs for 50 the 01-02 sedan ones and i put...

    Saw one of your post about fog lights. I got some fogs for 50 the 01-02 sedan ones and i put them on my 98 sedan. They fit good just the switch didnt fit so i had to connect them to my day lights which kept burning my fuses. I was working on fixing the issue but then they got stolen-____- but...
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    01-03 Civic FOGS install

    I Put in 01-02 sedan fogs on my 98 sedan and it was a very tight fit but i got it to work. Then they got stolen -______-:ohsnap:
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    DIY spray painting rims

    I dropped 2.5 front 2.3 back and i wouldn't go any lower or any higher. :peace:
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    TL-S trunk lip spoiler

    I think the coupe has the same size lip as a 01-06 m3. They advertise it on ebay that way it says fits m3 or 98-02 accord coupe.
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    DIY Paint Job on the Cheap! *UPDATED 3/3*

    Re: DIY Color Change Paint Job/Repaint on the Cheap! I agree. This is also a fun project for a project car. A car that you are putting together your self. Even if the paint messes up in a year so what? it was just $150. right now for a 6th gen accord like ours people are paying 2500-6000...
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    loud knocking noise comeing from my car

    The reason his steering wheel is pulling is because the axle is broken. There is a bias pull to the side of which axle is broken. I have this problem and if you nottice when you drive straight forward you steering wheel would probably tilted a little bit because of the bias.
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    loud knocking noise comeing from my car

    My Car had/Has the upper ball joint and lower ball joints and axle messed up in the front. The ball joints make a clunking sound when you hit a bump or something but if the sound is more prevalent when you turn then it would be your axle i got both upper control arms on ebay for about 70...
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    Thinking of going amber neon tubes for amber strip in headlights.

    Got this idea from the fiber optics on the bmw 5 series head lights and pretty much all 2011 model tail lights carry it. Its also imo a nice alternative over led that is basically over killed and tacky looking. Any opinions or tips on how to safely open and seal headlights seeing as i never done...
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    FS: lip kit, rear visor, rear camber kit, ion headlights & LED taillights

    Those are aftermarket for 98-02. Technically they look more like the 98-00 because of the placement of the white on the upper half as opposed to the white on the lower half like the 01-02. To my knowledge however its still a direct fit.
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    My Black leather interior swap (Updated 7/10/11)

    Re: My Black leather interior swap Looks pretty good. I actually want to swap the steering wheel for a 06-07 or 08+ wheel to jazz up my int. Do you know if they are compatible? :jarred:
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