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    Engine Swap Questions

    Age old saying: Start with the 5-speed swap.
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    adding 6th gear

    Yeah because 5th gear is not tall enough on the F23 tranny so just slap another one on there. I won't be happy until my engine revs at 600 rpm when I'm doing 80 mph.:ugh:
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    My Sons 3rd Birthday

    That's just cute.
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    And so it is completed!... 6 speed swap.

    Re: And so it begins... 6 speed swap. ^^^^ Changaroo, are you saying that's expensive or a reasonable price? Very hard to tell from your post. Seems like a fair price to me. People have easily spent twice that at other shops doing the 6-speed swap.
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    my whizzy v.homegrown

    I'm very impressed. That is a really classy car. It's understated yet makes a statement at the same time. Mostly I am just jealous that you have a 2 bay garage at your disposal, and which you can take over completely for projects. You mentioned school. Is that your parents garage?
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    And so it is completed!... 6 speed swap.

    Re: And so it begins... 6 speed swap. Everybody just take a chill pill talking about discounts and if it were my car I'd blah blah blah. This is custom work, not changing brake pads! To the shop owner my one piece of advice is to stop promising a certain delivery date, and perhaps wait...
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    Finally Got My Car Back!

    If it was a 95 or older Accord this would be a good point since dropping an H22A is so easy. But it's a 6th gen for goodness sake! There are no easy swaps, and especially not for a mechanic that took 2 weeks with a straight F23. Let the guy be happy with his upgrade to vtec for a couple...
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    FAF Skyline Stolen

    Even if it is just for show how do you not have insurance. What if the trailer gets t-boned by a Mack truck on the way to the show? And how "secure" is it if the security guards don't notice these aholes ramming into a bmw coming out of a room that is usually locked.
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    j36 turbo pizorz

    That's bonkers son, bonkers. You definitely picked the right user name in Moneypit. Car is a sexy beast no doubt.
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    Good bye to my 6thgenaccord

    Over 30,000 miles a year! What do you do? Travelling salesman? Hoes in diff area codes but no G5? That is a ton of miles...
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    cam gear settings

    ^^^^ Thanks, but that's not quite right. The end quote should actually appear after the period. This is too fun. I am natural born grammar police. By no means should that imply I believe myself a perfect writer. I just notice things, and despise made up words. "Irregardless" is...
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    cam gear settings

    You wrote, "You are sentence structure is appalling." If you're going to chastise someone else for poor grammar, first be sure your own is sound. It's that whole "people in glass houses" adage.:coffee:
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    Need help with exhaust system

    What brand is it?
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    Need some help with H23...

    Too many miles, could very well be down on power from your F23, and just totally not worth the hassle. Best starting place for you would be a 5 speed swap. You will still be slow, but at least you won't totally suck.
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    Engine Internals

    Well if you want to run the Comptech SC, you should add at least a tranny cooler as insurance. Keep the boost low and don't abuse it. It may last for a bit. Then again it may not. The 6GA V6 auto is a notorious weak spot.:boohoo:
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    I need brakes

    They definitely make some dust, but it's not unmanagable. If dust is a concern I would recommend the EBC green stuff. EBC specifically engineers to be extremely low dust.
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    Today i got a Turbo Quote!**UPDATED** PG 5!

    Re: Today i got a Turbo Quote! Rods and pistons are not little things bud. They are the heart of your engine. I just think you're taking this project and breaking it into little steps/parts with no logical approach, and without understanding the big picture. Crower rods are damn near...
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    Today i got a Turbo Quote!**UPDATED** PG 5!

    Re: Today i got a Turbo Quote! mraw112, I get it, you just see things differently. You prefer to do things the cheap way and you don't care about 100% reliability. Sure you can slap a chinese turbo on there, ebay intercooler, OBDI conversion with chrome, a wideband, a 1g dsm Bov, a MBC and...
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    I need brakes

    Powerslots with EBC Green Stuff was a good combo. Better than stock, no dust, lasted a long time, rotors never warped. Now I've got Brembo blanks with Hawk HPS. I'd say a there's a little more bite with these pads. Oh yeah I got Goodridge stainless lines too. Less squish is a good thing.
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    Today i got a Turbo Quote!**UPDATED** PG 5!

    Re: Today i got a Turbo Quote! Well, I'll be honest, I didn't read the whole thread, but guess what I have an oppinion anyways. First, just read more threads on turbocharging. There are plenty of parts lists on plenty of forums. Whether it's a B18 or F23 doesn't really matter, it's all the...
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    V6 6GA and 7GA Struts

    I have a 6th gen 4cyl and 7th gen V6 struts would not fit. The tophat studs on 7th gen strut did not line up with the holes in the front shock tower. The studs are farther apart on the 7th gen. 6th gen v6 and I4 share the strut design so there's your answer.:)
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    Steer Clear of TC's literally

    There are certain cars you might not want to tangle with. Not because they're fast or their owners are more likely to do drive-bys. The reason is they are more likely to be driven by immature assclowns who don't know the limits or their vehicle and don't know the meaning of the word...
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    Battery Relocation v2 (undercarriage)

    Well if it follows the same principles as speaker cable, the further you have to travel the bigger gauge you want to go with. Over the longer distance you will lose more energy from heat transfer, etc.. You can counteract that by going with something thicker. Of course quality of the cables...
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    Re: $1000 Last time I checked V6 people aren't swapping in OBDI ecu's. Your estimate is whack too. A proper OBDI swap plus tune will run you over $1k easily. IDK maybe you have a tuner who charges $2 an hour or you own a dyno.
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    OH. MY. GOD. (Ugly Car Warning)

    MIght be ugly but at least it's not sloppy. For what he wanted it's a job well done. Symmetrical and neat. I say tacky, but not entirely ugly.