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  1. NanosAccord

    Another twin turbo Accord/Inspire?

    I watched the whole video but no twin turbo accord? lmao
  2. NanosAccord

    99cfenvyv6 Accord Coupe (UPDATED! 8/17!!!)

    Re: 99cfenvyv6 Accord Coupe (UPDATED! 4/6!!!) :boink: clean
  3. NanosAccord

    VR Wheels (RB Wheels).....Your Experience....

    Do u guys know any other websites that sell the same kind of wheels. i was thinking about buying from vrwheels, but now i really dont know lol.
  4. NanosAccord

    Photoshop Drop Request!

  5. NanosAccord

    El Paso Members....

    already sold alot of parts of the car but i will prob try to fix it. selling my rims if interested.
  6. NanosAccord

    El Paso Members....

    some guy pretty much passed a light. i had green light 40mph and got in the accident. i wasent at fault but my car insurance says its totaled cause of the airbag.
  7. NanosAccord

    El Paso Members....

    i would like to go to a meet but my car is totaled :(
  8. NanosAccord

    Noobie Exterior Questions

    3.- you should make and intro thread and post some pics of your car.
  9. NanosAccord

    El Paso Members....

    El Paso isnt that bad, and the area where you r staying is not bad at all its the east side of el paso. Driving a little farther down i-10 u got alot of fancy restaurants and a couple of movie theaters. i just depends what you want to do for fun. What i would recommend is not to go to juarez...
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    Lude shift knobs ?

    do u guys know once the prelude shifter assembly is on. will you be able to see the gears changing from park to drive in the cluster for example?
  11. NanosAccord

    Meet up in the Sun City

    there 17x8 Mb Competition Wheels
  12. NanosAccord

    Changed brake pads but passenger side still squeak????

    everytime i see a post from imaricer i see a facepalm right after lol
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    you will get your fogs man.
  14. NanosAccord

    Just put on my Bayson R poly Lip

    i saw u on tru tv.
  15. NanosAccord

    Had the ol' DEP professionally detailed

    super clean :thumbup:
  16. NanosAccord

    How to avoid "Driveway Ownage"

    Keychain do u ever have people in the backseat?
  17. NanosAccord

    Teh hellasunk and uber slow fobz boat.....

    Car looks good great pics. just slam it.
  18. NanosAccord

    just ordered this shirt

    ^ i like that shirt
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    What is the big difference between J32 and J30

    this thread makes me want to get a j32 :naughty:
  20. NanosAccord

    FS: J32A2 + 6 speed, entire swap.

    damm i wish i had the money. ur car was so clean..
  21. NanosAccord


    congrats :)
  22. NanosAccord

    Slammed Society/Hellaflush : Johnson

    legit :)
  23. NanosAccord

    Rate the car above you thread, 1-10

    9/10 cause u make the xenon lip kit look so good.
  24. NanosAccord

    gay car, gay pics, gay trend, whatevs

    i know everyone is saying it. But car is dope man props :thumbup:
  25. NanosAccord

    The Chronicles 2nd Year Anniversary Meet (coverage) (56k Heck No!!!!!)

    Cali goes hard. nice pics btw