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    Stock spring rates?

    most coilovers are rated at 12/6k, does it mean they are stiff as hell?
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    f23a1 difference in exhaust dp between auto and manual

    so why are there 2 different part numbers?
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    Can a 1998 Accord start if you just remove immobilizer chip?

    is the chip in the key necessary only for starting the engine, or for running it too?
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    f23a1 difference in exhaust dp between auto and manual

    hello i did a manual swap, and wondered why is there a difference in exhaust downpipes between auto and manual, they have at least different part numbers. the auto downpipe bolted ok after the swap. maybe the engine sits at a different angle, so the flex joint will break eventually?
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    2.3 front mount difference between auto and manual

    hello after a manual conversion, i noticed that the front mount bracket is attached to the engine higher than with the auto tranny, and then realized that the manual mount has a diferent number than the auto, i always believed they were the same. do you know what's the difference between them?
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    Engine mount purpose question

    according to the parts diagrams, this part exists only in 98-99 models.
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    Trans Seal - Rubber facing in or out?

    the retaining spring is towards the inside, and if it fell i would get a new seal.
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    DIY Clutch Replacement (4 cylinder)

    it's the front stud, but what if you can't remove it due to rust etc.?
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    clutch line dilemma

    hello does the stock cluth line have the same diameter on botn ends? and what to do if i got a stock m/c and a prelude slave which has a thinner inlet? i want to get a ss braided line. thanks
  10. 2 hello, is it still... hello, is it still available? thanks
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    WTB: 6th gen manual parts

    hello looking for several parts: 2 driveshafts clutch pedal cluster shifter with cables tranny mounts master cylinder thanks