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    Exhaust Recommendations

    my 1999 4 cyl A1 (not California) had same leak around flex so i bought a copy from autozone (i think) Bosal part number 53552 MGF for about $90 I wasn't an exact fit, but the connection to the manifold and to the catalytic were perfect. It was super close to the oil pan and the hanger was...
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    F23A4 vs F23A1 exhaust flex pipe differences.

    i have a 1999 A1 (not california) and just replaced the "B" pipe (i think that's what it's called - the first pipe 90 degree bend from exhaust manifold to the cat converter - includes the flex joint). After looking at a lot of on-line sites i decided to use AutoZone which was competitive price...
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    DIY: Manual Climate Control Repair (Electrical Failure)

    1999 accord LX. First ac light on/off would occasionally work or work then stop working down the road. Then (year or so of this) the lights started with a faint blinking and ac would not come on (compressor would not kick in). Finally, everything stopped working. Went to threads and saw the...