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    FS: PlasticDip TWO COLORS

    I will when I get home. I'm not sure, when dipyourcar sent them to me, it didn't look like it, but I will check into it.
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    FS: PlasticDip TWO COLORS

    I've got some Plasti Dip I bought about a month ago that I decided aren't the right colors for me and what I'm working on. I've got 4 cans of Camo Tan and 3 1/2 cans of Intense Teal. I use half a can or so to paint my foglight surrounds and don't like it at all. I also have 3 cans of the...
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    ideas for ventilating the car while parked in the hot sun

    I've tried many variations of cooling the car. I bought two 2x2 inch computer fans and a USB solar panel charger for quick charging on the go. This thing would easily power the fans for a good 8 hours+. What I ended up doing was mounted them in the actual air vents above the radio. So when I...
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    ATTN: Tampa Bay Area Accordians!

    Bump for some Accord support!
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    ATTN: Tampa Bay Area Accordians!

    Well this is our first meet ever for the USFSP campus. The Tampa campus changed their event from this Friday to next. We made ours on a Saturday for this first one.
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    ATTN: Tampa Bay Area Accordians!

    ^^^ It's mainly to support the Shriners Hospital and to pay the DJ the minimal amount he is charging us. Come on out and check out our first event! You're Accord looks awesome. Would love to see it in person.
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    ATTN: Tampa Bay Area Accordians!

    Hey there 6th Gen! I am apart of bringing a car club to the USF Saint Petersburg Campus. We are having our first event on APRIL 19th 7PM-11PM. I will go ahead and post the facebook link below. We are just starting out, so it would be awesome to see some 6th Gen guys represent. I will personally...
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    FS: Nine23's Parts For Sale... edit 11/22/14.. Woodgrain, Steering Wheel, CF4 Cluster

    Re: Nine23's Parts For Sale... TL Strut Bar Added Will you ship the strut bar to 33703? Which engine is the distributor for?
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    A Good HID kit??

    I'm using a kit on my Accord, my gf's CRV, and my Lexus SC400 with no problems. My Accord has the 6000k kit and the other two have the 4300k kit with zero issues. Absolutely love them. And there customer service is excellent. Had an issue with the ballast on my Lexus and they sent...
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    List one mod, that you feel not many people did, that fits your lifestyle

    I've got the same Navi! I love it. Looks so good and OEM when it turns on with the Honda welcome screen.
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    Dipped My Wheels a Subtle Color...

    Now paint those fog light shrouds a different color (possibly match wheels) and you're good to go.
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    repainting hood DIY

    Friend of mine used to paint her front passenger fender after scratching it up pretty bad. She posted up pictures of the process on facebook and I saw it in person and it looks to be a perfect match on her 2007 blue Chrysler Sebring. I've thought about buying some paint...
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    Mikey's 2001 V6 Coupe

    It will smooth out/tighten up. When I converted my interior to leather, all mine looked loose like that. Tightened up after about a month in this Florida heat. Did you only do the seat back?
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    Woodgrain swap help

    Yeah, unfortunately... I liked how it lit up. A subtle detail, but I liked it.
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    Woodgrain swap help

    Had the same problem! I used the switch that came with the woodgrain I bought, and it buzzed like crazy. So to fix it, I just swapped over the one I was using before and it works perfect! Take your time and don't break any tabs on the switch swapping it over.
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    Automatic shifter knob

    DO you think one of these would fit with little modification??? I ask because I work for GM and I may be able to get one at a serious discount to try.
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    Front license plate option

    If you have it in the place OP has it, I would worry about air flow/air restriction... If I had to have it, leave it OEM and manage.
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    Ipod Nano 6th Gen 16gb

    Bump whoopmwhoop
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    Ipod Nano 6th Gen 16gb

    Bought this off someone at work who won it in a work contest. Was suppose to gift it to someone for Christmas, but didn't turn out that way. Ended up clearing off my desk and remembered that I still had it. Was going to do this mod:, but not sure if I want to. Figured...
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    New used car: Electrical Nightmare

    That's one of the worst rotors I have ever seen. WOW. I hope you are able to make this a car worth driving and don't get too sunk in it.
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    New used car: Electrical Nightmare

    How many miles does it have?
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    DIY - Sonata fogs in 01-02 coupe

    Don't worry about messing up those grilles... You can get two new ones for roughly $20
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    FS: OEM mud guards (set of 4) Orlando area

    ^ if he doesn't take them, I will!
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    FS: Sold

    Re: Woodgrain Steering Wheel Finally! :)
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    DIY: Newer Honda Horn Swap

    LOVE THEM! I will be doing this soon. I tend to use my horn often with the amount of older people down here in Florida...