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    1999 LX Dying While Driving

    I switched the ignition coil and ignition control a few weeks ago and have not had the car die out anymore. thanks everyone
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    1999 LX Dying While Driving

    So I have been trying to keep note of my cars issue. I just got home driving it from work. One thing that is very weird is that it mainly happens when I'm heading home from work. The difference would faster speeds and higher rpms. Tonight I tried taking it slow keeping it under two thousand rpm...
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    1999 LX Dying While Driving

    Tegpower18- when you say converter do you mean the cat converter?
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    1999 LX Dying While Driving

    Thanks for the response! I have not found the solution yet but the last weekend I changed out the spark, wire, cap, and rotor. I want to switch out the coil this weekend. I also sea foam the car. But car is still shutting off while driving. Last night the car shut off on the highway. After...
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    1999 LX Dying While Driving

    I have a friend that thinks it might be a dying fuel pump could that also be the issue?
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    1999 LX Dying While Driving

    Opps forgot it is a 4 cylinder
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    1999 LX Dying While Driving

    My car has over 250k. I dont know too much about working on cars only the basics. Well Ne ways, I use this car as my work car from home to my work is about 25 miles. When I drive there it has not died yet but when I go to work it is city driving then all highway to my work. Driving home is the...
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    Car at over 250 k need new timing belts pz help

    Thanks guys, those parts on eBay should I worry Bout quality on them? Which ones should I look for? I'm thinking about getting this kit below...
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    Car at over 250 k need new timing belts pz help

    I bought this car at 140k and have not done timing belt change or any belts change for that matter. I'm starting to feel uncomfortable driving it so much so I want to get the timing belt done. My friend told me three. Important things to change will be timing belt water pump and balancer belt...
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    tranny popping out of gear?

    Im in the same boat right now. I messed with the solenoid and got it running it wouldnt even go anywhere before. but now its jerking on hot days for my car. Isnt there a different tranny that would fit onto the f23?
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    AccordJDN's 1998 Accord Taffeta White Sedan

    Re: Joseph's 98 Accord EX Sedan. Cleeeeaaaannnn Ride!!!
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    auto trans issue

    Man I got the same problem!!!! and thinking of switching to h22 if I cant keep it running anymore...
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    Bike Vs. Car Drift

    Insanely sweet vid!!! I wish I can drift like that!
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    RIP my accord 99 v6

    Post some pics! Sorry for your lost man. So whose insurance will pay what?