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  1. scrapnav6

    Im back!

    Hey guys, first off happy holidays to everyone. Ive recently been thinking about getting a new daily driver bc my truck gets about 10 mpg. Since I sold my accord about 3 years ago, not a day goes by where I dont think about it. Since the beginning of this year Ive been using my honda grom as a...
  2. scrapnav6

    August/Sept ROTM

    I wish I wasn't so lazy
  3. scrapnav6

    August/Sept ROTM

    If i actually had a camera I would just nominate madamn self
  4. scrapnav6

    August/Sept ROTM

    I haz conversion :hide:
  5. scrapnav6

    **2013 Summer Tri-State Meet** August 4th

    Well I still havn't sold the accord so I might still be comming.
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  7. scrapnav6

    **2013 Summer Tri-State Meet** August 4th

    Might not be attending anymore. 6th gen is up forsale right now. So if I show up its gonna be in my new truck!
  8. scrapnav6

    **2013 Summer Tri-State Meet** August 4th

    Im gonna need to plump him up a bit if thats the plan.
  9. scrapnav6

    **2013 Summer Tri-State Meet** August 4th

    1. Narftastic - Water bottles and plates. 2. Scrapnav6 - Cutest puppy ever.
  10. scrapnav6

    new photos with wheels and stuff

    Very clean.
  11. scrapnav6

    Need to go lower--help!

    Just raise your car back up, you're not ready.
  12. scrapnav6

    Help! 17s or 18s? Slammed!

    962's are the most played out wheels out there. No matter how many threads you make about them. :puke:
  13. scrapnav6

    Wheel Fitment Thread

    ^Im gonna make it happen.
  14. scrapnav6

    Wheel Fitment Thread

    So if he can fit x9.5 +15 up front is it possible to do x10 +25 up front? With a 225/40. Ride height is no issue.
  15. scrapnav6

    Sedan on 18x9.5 Klutch Wheels

    Looking good. Are you the one thats been trying to sell that hood bra on craigs list for ever?
  16. scrapnav6

    Will these wheels fit?

    It takes all the strength in my body not to troll this page about how many times this has been gone over.
  17. scrapnav6

    Love the new sig man!

    Love the new sig man!
  18. scrapnav6

    New guy from NY

    Welcome. I hope that was a black interior you put in there!
  19. scrapnav6

    ScrapnAV6s SSM CG6

    I hate posting cell phone pix. Once I meet up with someone with an actual camera, more will come.
  20. scrapnav6

    ScrapnAV6s SSM CG6

    new pic bump
  21. scrapnav6

    Wheel Fitment Thread

    225 might not be enough stretch. I have 225 on an 18x9 and it's def not enough stretch to be as low as I want to be. All depends on the tire though.
  22. scrapnav6

    June/July ROTM: NO CGs!

    I have another build thread but it's not in the MRT, its in the off-topic section. :inouteek: