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  1. dvilla5506

    attempting "hella-flush" fitment

    Yea the cement prob won't don it with stock springs shocks and if his dad is paying for it then ur friend shouldn't say **** if u pay for your own things good for u if ur parents pay I hope u grow up and realize they don't need to give u **** after ur 18
  2. dvilla5506

    20" bmw 6 series rims

    just get em redrilled
  3. dvilla5506

    Socal Sightings!

    Saw a lowered silver sedan on stockies down westminter u swerved around cars trying to be cool
  4. dvilla5506

    Fender work question

    try a bat or using a phone book
  5. dvilla5506

    evo rims on a 6thgen??

    You said not correct bolt pattern but they are maybe that could be the part you were incorrect about
  6. dvilla5506

    Lets help Matt (AllGOnoSHOW) fix his car in time for I.A.!!!

    I don't know you personally but from the site you seem like a stand up guy i donated hope things work out for you 6thgens ftw
  7. dvilla5506

    You might be "too low" if...

    i picked up a bag and it burned onto the cat didnt realize what it was til a week later thought something was burning under the hood til i was getting picked up the gf was driving the car and i see a bag under it was only able to scrape a little off rest is burned onto it
  8. dvilla5506

    nail in tire pics

    i didnt want to cuz they usually take like 30min to do anything alright thanks yea i thought being close to the sidewall might be a lil problem
  9. dvilla5506

    nail in tire pics

    not really urgent but just need any answer or recommendation...i just noticed this nail in the tire while i was checking coils if i pull it out will it(or screw it out lol) start to deflate i dont know how big it is
  10. dvilla5506

    Racing hart wheels.

  11. dvilla5506

    17x7 + spacers or 17x9?

    Try I think someone is selling x9 xxr
  12. dvilla5506

    Damn ricer cobalts

    was this guy talking **** too what did his face look like when you told him you were putting out 350hp
  13. dvilla5506

    You might be a ricer if....

    if younglemon is cooler than imaricer (no offense lemmie)
  14. dvilla5506

    7ender's 02 Accord Sedan [new pics 5/23]

    Re: 7ender's Hellaflush 02 Accord Sedan He's not really hellaflush more flush it needs more lowering check out keychain or fundillo u can do it with 17s but u gotta slam that thing and u can roll it a lot of ways but its better to use fender roller
  15. dvilla5506

    Offset choices

    to go low offset ur guna have to roll fenders and maybe pull u can do a +12 but ur guna have to pull this is sleeper cells which have a +12 offset
  16. dvilla5506

    FS: sold

    Re: FSFT 18x7.5 +42 5zigen Heidfeld Meisterhaftes Konnen in Hyper Black 4x114.3 SoCal those look like acura tl type-s rims look good glws
  17. dvilla5506

    goodbye accord

    ah well that sucks
  18. dvilla5506

    goodbye accord

    one of my brothers friend has an r32 and its manual how r they only automatic
  19. dvilla5506

    Rear motor mount help

    Was looking at motor mounts found 1 at autozone and another at kragen but the kragen one says it is a solid mount what difference would it make between the two as in solid vs regular one
  20. dvilla5506

    Socal Sightings!

    I think I saw SOHC at walmart on harborit it was silver red badge on rear and silverish volk te37's
  21. dvilla5506

    Look what I found

    i like the tires
  22. dvilla5506

    Crack open mirror

    Well if it won't stop the shaking just throw iit out then
  23. dvilla5506

    Crack open mirror

    Does anyone know how to crack open the rearview mirror? I want to put some dampener on the back so it doesn't rattle or does anyone have another suggestion thanks.
  24. dvilla5506

    FS: 6gen audio/ 6.5 Alpine 6x9 Infinity Reference

    i was going to buy ur 6x9 like 3 weeks ago but you sold em ended up buying alpine's that suks