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  1. danmccormick87

    What'd you do to your accord today?

    BS, our human necks are puny and frail :rofl: Glad to see it wasn't crazy damage and you are alright though :beer: On another note, bought a Prestone radiator flush kit today, gonna try to get it done this week :D
  2. danmccormick87

    newbie with DIY questions.. a lot of them..

    I might be wrong, I might not, who knows :rofl: But, I do know this! Those headlights the OP posted are designed for HID, so they will have the HID projectors in them, as the sellar is being cheapo and not offering HIDs with them :beer: But thanks for the lesson, I didn't know that, and I even...
  3. danmccormick87

    FS: Legendary Accord Part out (UPDATE)

    Re: Legendary Accord Part out The piece you have to pop off to get access to the mirror screws to remove the mirror :rofl: I'll take a pic tomorrow if you need me too :beer:
  4. danmccormick87

    High Mileage 6th Gens

    This thread is full of win! My step-mom is buying a 06 Impala for $3K... Downside, it has just shy of 200K miles on it... I told her to buy a Honda, they are worth the miles, and this epic thread shows proof to that! So, to all you high mileage Hondas, here is a :beer: on you!
  5. danmccormick87

    Projekt G23[Rebooted] | [Ended] Euro r H22A

    Re: Projekt G23[Hold] | [Current] Euro r H22A That's pure awesomeness right there, but honestly, I'd switch out to a half-core radiator with a pusher fan and a puller fan, and build a heat shroud to keep the header heat away from the radiator... Also give you room for a future turbo build :beer:
  6. danmccormick87

    Jon's 99 5spd EX Coupe

    Re: Jon's 99 Red Coupe EX 5spd on Work VS-XX Dude, this looks stellar! If I get this job, we are totally going to be doing a mini meet in Nashville and you gotta bring this rig! :beer:
  7. danmccormick87

    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Ouch, that sucks man, but on the bright side, yay for the conversion :beer: Oh, and if you haven't already.... Ooooo, whiplash, my neck hurts ;)
  8. danmccormick87

    4 Photos

    You were mentioning this during the meet, glad to see you finally got one! The shots look epic man, and wish you would have had this for the meet! Can you imagine a five car distance action shot :beer:
  9. danmccormick87

    New from the Bay Area

    :welcome: If I did the math correctly, you've had the car for a almost all her life! Great body and glad to see you are part of our massive, chaotic family :beer:
  10. danmccormick87

    newbie with DIY questions.. a lot of them..

    You know, I've noticed that a lot of automotive manufacturers are too cheap to go cheap and leave the wiring and bolt locations out from the lower end models. IE, I had a STX 05 Ford F150, all manual everything, and after a trip to the junkyard, I was able to swap all electric parts in with no...
  11. danmccormick87

    tknightt Black MT Sedan

    Looks really awesome! You should ditch that radiator and go with a half-core one with a pusher fan and a puller fan :beer:
  12. danmccormick87

    My Accord CG2 from SoCal

    Looks really stellar :beer:
  13. danmccormick87

    FS: Legendary Accord Part out (UPDATE)

    Re: Legendary Accord Part out If you can ship it, how much for the driver side interior mirror trim piece shipped to 38040? Also, how much for driver side mirror? (Is it just powered, with manual folding?)
  14. danmccormick87

    Luanster's 1998 DEP Accord Sedan EX (56k)

    Looks pretty amazing! :beer:
  15. danmccormick87

    newbie with DIY questions.. a lot of them..

    1) If you buy aftermarket lowering springs, do they 'bolt on' to the factory struts or is there mod/fab work needed? They will bolt up with the factory struts, but some people have good luck and they last and others have bad luck and they...
  16. danmccormick87

    Cel p1259

    Did you reset your ECU and clear the code to see if it reappeared after topping off with oil?
  17. danmccormick87

    Shrimp on the barbie 2014 *Pikshurs added*

    Photos look completely awesome!!! I take it you finally found some time away from work :beer:
  18. danmccormick87

    new here

    :welcome: The site has tons of helpful information, a DIY, and members here to help night and day :beer:
  19. danmccormick87

    YasamY's 2001 Accord Coupe

    Looks really stellar, just needs more low now :beer:
  20. danmccormick87

    DIY painting interior

    Still needs more sanding, pressure washing, and degreasing before I start the bondo/primer process. :beer: I didn't take pictures from before, but after you pull the vinyl off, the foam underneath is an entirely new layer that has to be scraped.
  21. danmccormick87

    5 speed transmission gets hard to shift after 20+mins of driving

    Hmmmm, I'd like to know this as well. My first seems to give me huge amounts of grief, and then when it functions, reverse does this... Anyone have any ideas or is this just something Honda is notorious for?
  22. danmccormick87

    A darker shade of SSM

    Hmmmm, not bad looking at all and I'm digging STM3 best :beer:
  23. danmccormick87

    DIY painting interior

    I have the door panels broken down into their respective halves, and have already removed all the vinyl from them. I'm currently sanding off the foam backing and working on filling in the tiny holes in the panels from the factory. Once I've gotten them to my liking, I will be prepping, priming...
  24. danmccormick87

    what's this that popped out?!

  25. danmccormick87

    what's this that popped out?!

    It wasn't so bad, back when they were popular :rofl: