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    Engine knocking around the 2000 rpm range

    Hi all! I know my thread is kind of old, but I did promise a video, so here it is: I still haven't been able to swap out my engine, as there has been a lot of other stuff going on, just finished doing a major kitchen reno, so the time and $ are kind...
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    JDM F23 Swap (the fall and rise of my accord)

    Hey Pat, thanks for the reply. Well, it looks like I'll pulling it out from the top then! :) I'll see if I can disconnect the tranny to! But I do have to change the lower front ball joints. $2k is decent, if like you said that the rest of the car is in good shape! I figure I'll be putting in...
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    Hi FNCONE, I'm slowly gathering up all the components to having my F23A1 replaced with a F23A...

    Hi FNCONE, I'm slowly gathering up all the components to having my F23A1 replaced with a F23A (JDM). In your honest opinion, which way do you recommend removing the engine, through the top or the bottom, and what are the good and bad of each option? I have access to a cherry picker with a...
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    JDM F23 Swap (the fall and rise of my accord)

    Hi Pat, Glad to hear the engine swap went good. I would not shampoo an engine bay (which of course means the engine too), the degreasing properties of the shampoo get in all the nooks and crannies and may even remove oil/grease in parts of the engine/trans where they are supposed to stay in, I'd...
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    The Alpine IVE-W530 deck is pretty good too! I like that it has a 3.5mm jack in the front for your Zune or iPod!
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    F23 rebuild

    Depending on how much you're willing to put into the re-build, you may want to consider a JDM F23A instead with low miles, might be doing that this summer.
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    What I need to get deep loud sound?

    You can always try this: lol [ame=""][/URL]
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    H23 cylinder wear pattern, help!

    Wowzers! That sucks! Well, I guess either a rebuild or new in engine is in the horizon. Personally, I'd just get a new engine, you really have to hone down those walls to get a smooth and even finish, not to mention now the new pistons will have to be bigger, or you'll get nasty piston slap...
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    H23 cylinder wear pattern, help!

    Yikes! Well, if you're this far into having the engine removed and disassembled, you may just want to get a new JDM. It's possible that the rings may have rusted from sitting for so long, that they grooved up the sides from the roughness of the rust. I mean unless there was debris like sand or...
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    Humming noise from front wheels...wheel bearing?

    If it is like the sound/feel of a concrete hammer drill (cordless type), then it's definitely the wheel bearings. But because your tires are new, that could also be the culprit. Put some balder tires on the front (weather permitting) and drive around and see if you notice anything. I had an old...
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    Peak Long Life Antifreeze/Coolant

    What Igor said! :) You can't beat the Honda coolant! That stuff is designed specifically for Honda's and you may even notice you car running cooler as I did last year when I got my changed.
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    '98 Accord EX 4cyl - F23A1 Manual Trans - poor acceleration >3000rpm?

    I think a faulty EGR valve would be only really noticeable while the car is idling. Did you check for slack on the accelerator cable (from the gas pedal)? You mentioned that the top end was re-done, could be the mechanic didn't properly set the cable tension to the throttle. Another thing could...
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    Knocking coming from engine bay

    Yeah, I think I may be getting the early signs of rod knock, sure sounds like that, only when hot though, really sucks though, engine looks like new and it only has 120,000kms! As for the solid thud noise you are hearing, if it is some what random, and does not oscillate (like sounding engine...
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    Knocking coming from engine bay

    Is it a higher sounding knocking like the ticking of the valves, or a lower end knocking sound? I wonder if it's bottom end, but hopefully it's just an engine mount. If it's a tinny rattle, then its the heat shield for the catalytic converter. If you can go under the car and inspect the motor...
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    Subwoofer works but turns off after a while

    Sounds like the amp can't handle the wattage and just cuts out, is it hot? Like Jordan_H said, try out a new amp. :)
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    Door speaker help!

    What Styx2015 said! :) I think the shallow 6.5'' Pioneers are best for Honda's. It sounds like it is still seating on the tapered part of the speaker, you may need to cut the hole a bit bigger. Did the speakers come with a template, you can use it for comparison. :)
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    URGENT - GAS Leaking from Canister by rear Driver Side Wheel

    Not too familiar with that particular part, but if it is like changing out the gas filter, the metal (brass or steel) nuts are not tightened enough and/or need to seat properly, but be careful not to twist the line or crack any tubing. Changing pressurized fuel systems can be a pain! If you're...
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    Knocking coming from engine bay

    Check to see at what RPMs it does it at, then try to do with your hand on the throttle by the intake while in neutral. You might have what I have. Can you describe in detail the sound, or better yet take a vid of it?
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    stripped allen key please help

    If you're the patient type like me, you can always drill it out, but make sure it is centered all the way straight through, and the last bit you use is still smaller in diameter than the bolt diameter. Just find out what size the bolt is and stay within the range. By the time you're done that...
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    Bad Alt?

    Sounds like the alt had a short then got toasted, I'd replace it with a high output one, that way all the lights and electrical stay nice and bright, even under full load (all electrical options turned on). :)
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    JDM F23 Swap (the fall and rise of my accord)

    Based on what I've seen from some JDM retailers, they do mention having to keep both manifolds, and even transferring the crank sensors.
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    JDM F23 Swap (the fall and rise of my accord)

    Great Story Gmoney! Was thinking of doing the same with my '02 coupe 4cyl. First I need to take the pan off on the original engine just to rule out a possible simple repair (hearing a knocking sound around 2000rpm) instead of having to swap out the motor. But if have to swap it out then I guess...
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    02 Accord 4DR misfiring

    Sounds like dirty injectors, if not check the timing, make sure the spark plug wires are supposed to be going to their appropriate plugs, and that they are not loose. You may need a tune-up such as replacing the wires, plugs, cap & rotor.
  24. Accord F Zero 1

    Accord F Zero 1

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    Mr. Cleanswap's 03 CL-S Engine & 6spd Swap -> 01 Accord EX V6 Auto

    Hi everyone! Just a quick question here, do you really have to remove the hood to swap out the 4cyl F23A1 engine with a JDM F23A? I can easily make a brace that will hold the hood up slightly more than 90 degrees, so that the hoist or engine does not go near it. It seems do-able, just wondering...