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  1. mrnude

    How to use Seafoam

    seafoamed it last week, did all three including the crank, Changed the oil not long after. I can say it def helped
  2. mrnude

    THE Exhaust Review Thread

    Brand & model: 5zigen Fireball Price paid and from where: 50 bucks from local member Pros: After I removed the resonator the sound really improved, very throaty Cons: They bolt on but come out crooked, slight work needs to be done to make them straight Final verdict: Well worth the money, sounds...
  3. mrnude

    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Seafoamed the car, seemed to help a little bit and pissed off my neighbors in the process. After seafoaming the accord I decided to seafoam our 1969 beetle and it def helped. Looks like it was constipated
  4. mrnude

    Adolfos 1998 V6

    cleaned it up
  5. mrnude

    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Crazy how going lower makes yours car look so much better Deleted the resonator today. Sounds pretty loud any reccs as far as resonators go?
  6. mrnude

    Beginners Mini detailing kit giveaway

    Re: Mini detailing kit giveaway Me! My interior needs this
  7. mrnude

    2000 honda accord SE

    You in so cal? I think I've seen you. You were driving really slow
  8. mrnude

    New guy from Socal

    Welcome nice to see another so cal member where do you stay at?
  9. mrnude

    My new daily

    Nice been contemplating getting my friends IS300. Just dont like the chubby design of it
  10. mrnude

    Oct/Nov winner: DrOwZee

    Nice! well deserved
  11. mrnude

    Having a new skin designed.

  12. mrnude

    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Cleaned TB and changed the oil. Was gonna clean the IAC But don' have a compatible screwdriver
  13. mrnude

    F&F Type 1's feel too bouncy in front

    There pretty bouncy on rough roads but nothing to extreme. I don't experience any rebound on bumps in fact it's the opposite lol it feels like it never came down if that makes sense. Rebound to me sounds like there blown
  14. mrnude

    Adolfos 1998 V6

    Ya there type 1s just haven't had the chance too I soaked the perches yesterday with wd40 there pretty tight Gotta double check on the specs
  15. mrnude

    Adolfos 1998 V6

    Blue headlight film wanted to test it out I've removed it since then
  16. mrnude

    Adolfos 1998 V6

    I'll check that out And ya only the front ones other than that they seem perfect
  17. mrnude

    Adolfos 1998 V6

    Anyone reccomend any good sideskirts?
  18. mrnude

    What'd you do to your accord today?

    lowered my car a bit more today gotta git rid of the plastic the other one ripped to pieces already lol Copied Chris on this one got bored of the plain look and fixed my crooked mufflers finally looks way better. Relieved on that one pretty much just fixing everything I f'd up on...
  19. mrnude

    SoCal Kinda group buy..

    Pretty cool. I might be down depending where its at
  20. mrnude

    Adolfos 1998 V6

    cleaned everything up. Ill try and get a good side pic later kinda hard in my driveway
  21. mrnude

    FS: Eibach Pro Kit 70$

    I'm down. Or trade for anything you may have
  22. mrnude

    FS: Eibach Pro Kit 70$

    Texted you Edit: ya still fit just might sit a Lil higher at front
  23. mrnude

    What'd you do to your accord today?

    went a little lower today. Took me a while to loosen the perch it was really tight. I'll probably lower it more later on this month had to burrow my neighbors jack. Also sanded down my lip. Semi productive day
  24. mrnude

    FS: Eibach Pro Kit 70$

    110$ Shipped in the US