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  1. tunerbum147

    No more Pspec Tuning !!

    +1 i missed out now i guess. this sucks
  2. tunerbum147

    Apexi N1 muffler

    i wouldnt buy from that site. i did once it was a bad experience never again will i and i hope to save you from making my same mistake
  3. tunerbum147

    Want To Borrow: Stock 98-02 Accord Coupe exhaust

    i got a ticket for the same this and i had a cop friend sign off with a certificate of correction it was called i believe. it basically said its not too loud and you send it in with the ticket and dont have to pay anything. i live in new york though so i dont know if you can do such a thing in...
  4. tunerbum147

    custom gauge bracket

    the point of this was to see if there was any interest in creating a 6thgenaccord one not to make more of mine for others. sure it may not look the best and those or crappy pictures of it but all i needed was a simple bracket to place my gauge before i came back to college so i make something...
  5. tunerbum147

    TL-S Sway Bar

    TREVOR! hey buddy
  6. tunerbum147

    How much is this gonna cost me to fix?

    it doesnt look good. from what i see can see this is what im saying. new hood new bumper new headlights radiator support bumper beam probably radiator brackets under headlights and thats just a rough look. i do work at a body shop and have for several years. you really gotta take it to a shop...
  7. tunerbum147

    custom gauge bracket

    okay so here is my bracket. sorry for the crappy cell phone pics. but here it is and here is how i mounted it. next time i know to make that piece shorter. the plans for the 6thgenaccord one will take up the whole length of that open area and the mount will be in the middle. if anyone has...
  8. tunerbum147

    custom gauge bracket

    i mounted mine by drilling two holes on the top part of the bracket where the hole for the gauge isnt and putting two screws into the plastic. if i make a bunch of these up i now know not to make the top so long. i only need about an inch. im heading to my car in a few to take pictures of it...
  9. tunerbum147

    custom gauge bracket

    oh and so everyone knows the lettering would be cut out.
  10. tunerbum147

    custom gauge bracket

    okay so here is the design i had in mind. i havent gotten around to taking pictures of mine installed sorry guys. but here is what im planning. i will hopefully sometime later this week make some nice renderings in a 3d modeling program to get a real nice idea of how it will look. please...
  11. tunerbum147

    out for a stroll :)

    makes your car look so badass! now lets see more.:leeann:
  12. tunerbum147

    custom gauge bracket

    okay so to keep you guys updated ive been busy with work and getting pack to come back to college. now that im back at college ill be able to take the pics of the bracket installed and draw up the designs for my plans of a 6thgenaccord design. hopefully i will be able to do this tomorrow. but...
  13. tunerbum147

    custom gauge bracket

    okay so my bezel is made and installs i will post pics tomorrow and i will also draw up a design i had for the 6thgenaccord one to see how people feel about it. i have pics of other things made by the machine to show the quality it is capable of producing. :thumbsup:
  14. tunerbum147

    window tint and polarized lenses

    get non polarized glasses :thumbup:
  15. tunerbum147

    Photography Shoutbox

    very small world. on saturday i was mostly at kenny #69k and tyler #69 of boniface racing and then at cint's on sunday for the big race. was that turn 4?
  16. tunerbum147

    Photography Shoutbox

    CLINTON MILLS!! hes my boy. i was in his crew and watchin from his trailer when he went from 30 some place to 2nd at eastern states this year. he should of won that race hands down.
  17. tunerbum147

    custom gauge bracket

    the gauge cost $48 and the adapter for the hose cost $39:hide:
  18. tunerbum147

    custom gauge bracket

    so instead of creating a new thread ill update here since i got in my gauge and adapter today. i will be making my bezel on monday. it probally will be a simple one now but i am going to design ones and i will provide examples of the ability and quality the machine can produce...
  19. tunerbum147

    custom gauge bracket

    ill update with pics once i make mine. and yes i mean a gauge bezel, i called it bracket cause it will be an upside down metal L shape basically.
  20. tunerbum147

    custom gauge bracket

    on friday i should be getting a new water temp gauge since the one in my cluster is broke. i am going to be making a custom bracket to mount it in the open compartment under the radio. my gf's father has a plama cam which for people who dont know what it is, its a computer controlled plasma...
  21. tunerbum147

    radiator hose diameter.

    nashvegas or anyone else that might have done this how did it go? i just ordered a gauge and adapter to put in the radiator hose today and it should be in on friday. any advice on install or feed back on if it works well im lookin for cause i havent heard of many people doing it this way. thanks
  22. tunerbum147

    Rear Speaker

    thats alot of modification to put 10's in the back. and once you cut its pretty hard to go back. would be interesting to see how it would turn out and sound.
  23. tunerbum147

    detailers look here;need random orbital polisher to final wax?

    i have always had good experiences with the mothers products. we use them at my family body shop and it always seems to come out looking great
  24. tunerbum147

    Strasse Forged Photoshoot: BMW 135i

    awsome pics as always
  25. tunerbum147

    Official Random Photo thread

    got a d3000 for christmas. have been playin around taking some pictures nothing special but i figured id share