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  1. white beauty

    my dropped 7thgen

    thanks...and yeah its gonna stay this way until i get the funds for the wheels and tires i want...which means its prolly gonna stay this way for a whilleeee'll happen tho thanks bro...i actually like the rear a little higher than the front...IMO it gives it a more aggressive...
  2. white beauty

    my dropped 7thgen

    whats up guys...some of you may remember me from back when i had my 6thgen...sold that a little over a year ago and now have a 7thgen ex-l v6 w/navi...LMK what u guys think of it Current mods are: Function and form type 1 coilovers 6000k HID's red v6 badge Me and buddy just spent 7...
  3. white beauty

    FS: Alpine CDA-105 w/ipod connector

    Bump..still for sale
  4. white beauty

    FS: Alpine CDA-105 w/ipod connector price...105 shipped...need this gone guys!
  5. white beauty

    finally put my springs on!

    Car looks awesome...LOL'd hard at the 'awww" when u scraped tho
  6. white beauty

    FS: Alpine CDA-105 w/ipod connector

    Bump..really need this gone..price is not firm but no low balling please
  7. white beauty

    FS: Alpine CDA-105 w/ipod connector

    Whats up guys? been a while since i posted on here. Sold my 6th gen and now have a 7th gen this car but i do miss my 6th selling the alpine i had in my was the 2nd alpine headunit i put in the car and only had it in there for about 4 months before i sold the...
  8. white beauty

    Just finish DIY painting my Mugen lips

    looks really good man.....what kind of paint did u use and where did u get it?? im trying to paint my front bumper but dont know how to go about it and where i get the supplies etc...any advice??
  9. white beauty

    new phot0s of the accord 05/31/09 !! no 56k

    very nice man...definitley my style accord...great job
  10. white beauty

    New to this site and owner of a 6th gen!!!

    welcome man...besides the headlights everything is lookin good...get a pair of blackhoused headlights...will compliment ur ride better imo
  11. white beauty

    New Pic's of my Baby

    looking good man...clean as hell...just drop it now..and itll be perfect
  12. white beauty

    Driving around East Orlando today...

    hahaha....wussup man...yeah that was me....u gotta pretty good looking accord so what uve done with it...a drop would just complete the look for currently talking to a few guys trying to get some coilovers..or springs and shocks...whichever i can get my hands on...and i gotta...
  13. white beauty

    Thinking of infinity speakers

    I have the infinty reference speakers all the way around...paired with an alpine 9852 headunit....they are really really really really loud lol....bass is iffy...depends on the song....the reference series is right below the kappa series so if u want a better infinity go kappa
  14. white beauty

    I will be sittin LOWARRR!

    ^^ how much u selling the basics in Orlando so i could pick them up if i can afford....and i hear you on the weather..i have a pair of black housed headlight i wanna put on and an 02' coupe front bumper i wanna put on and cant cause its been raining 24/7
  15. white beauty

    beware graphic! some disturbing pics

    i have an extremely weak stomach....i really dont know why i kept looking...i had to keep it down more than once.....i dont know how people can do that to themselves....that some seriously fuked up **** man
  16. white beauty

    got an 02' coupe bumper...question

    ^^^true...the thing with going to a local body shop tho is that i doubt they will give me tips on how to do it myself...they'll prolly give me some "good deal" on them painting it lol
  17. white beauty

    got an 02' coupe bumper...question

    alright thanks guys....ill just leave it stock...cant wait to have this front end conversion done...anyone know how to DIY paint the bumper so it matches the car??? any links would help thanks
  18. white beauty

    ************Eibach 2009************

    wow nice pics man...every single one of those cars is absolutely day day...ill be able to afford to do that to a car...gotta graduate first tho
  19. white beauty

    got an 02' coupe bumper...question

    like the title it from a buddy who was getting rid of question is will one of those custom mesh grills like this one...
  20. white beauty

    acceleration problem

    alright thanks guys....any other suggestions???
  21. white beauty

    acceleration problem

    wussup guys....for a few weeks now my car seems to be having difficulty accelerating...the pedal just feels extremely heavy and if i gun it at a wrong time the car bogs out. The car also has a slight vibration when passing 3k rpm, i can hear it and feel it in the pedal. i tried using all the...
  22. white beauty

    This is horrible

    wow...that sucks
  23. white beauty

    Mugshot Failed!

    LOL that was hilarious
  24. white beauty

    help me choose my next car

    G35 FTW man