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  1. Slowtime

    Erractic Tachometer

    Re: Erractic Tachmeter Thanks for your help. will check it out. funny thing is that i have had the reverse gauges for 4 years and this is teh first times this has happened. Again, thank you for your help!
  2. Slowtime

    Erractic Tachometer

    So yesterday i am driving home and i was looking at my tachmeter and happened to notive that my rpm's were around 3-4rpm. Car drove no differntly, shut off music and engine sounded the same. found this funny because only other time gauges act erractic is in summer when they seem to stick.(I have...
  3. Slowtime

    ***Ricer Thread***

    Not too fond of the hood how it overlaps, but i don't think its rice.:thinking:
  4. Slowtime

    Do you flash your brights to warn drivers of a cop???

    depends on the mood and what other drivers are doing. if some fool is speeding up teh road recklessly......go get em Johnny law! You could be saving a life by letting him get caught (ie drunk driver etc.)
  5. Slowtime

    Sometimes cheap isnt always bad...

    yes, sometimes cheap isn't bad. good luck this the new set!
  6. Slowtime

    how much did everyone pick up their accords for?

    8k in 2003 for a 2000
  7. Slowtime

    DIY window tint???

    i heard its easy to do the sides and teh back is most diff, any truth to that?
  8. Slowtime

    6GA Hats?

    needs a 6GA hat!
  9. Slowtime

    Haven't taken pictures in a while, so....

    nice man!
  10. Slowtime


    congrats man!
  11. Slowtime


    ahhh not too far from co-op! man i need to move back home ya'll makin me homesick, but on the serious note, sorry about the car man! I wish a horible fate for the ones responsible!
  12. Slowtime

    im a newbie what u think of my ride

    i likes, i likes!
  13. Slowtime

    Never get drunk with your friends

    tooo funee !!!
  14. Slowtime

    Memorial Day 2006 - May 29th

    great pix man! I miss New York! South Street Seaport etc. I was last there when they first bombed the WTC in 1993, remember that?
  15. Slowtime

    My wet dream is someone elses reality

    so bmw is right, at least the "m series" is the ultimate driving machine! My brother had an 1988 square boxed m3 in addition to the ones i posted a few months ago, and that was hot just as well!
  16. Slowtime

    BMW M6 Top Speed

    whooooooooooooo, thats ffffast!
  17. Slowtime

    NFL's hardest hits!

    awww man cdubb, now theres where ya lose me! J! E! T! S! jets jets jets!
  18. Slowtime

    Wet Dream

    yes, ya, wei, any language you put it in, YESSSSS!
  19. Slowtime

    Busted on camera

    Lmao Ctfu !
  20. Slowtime

    NFL's hardest hits!

    Outside of my Honda, football is my next love. For you guys who cannot wait until the start of football season, i leave you with this...........
  21. Slowtime

    who is still here from when the site started?

    i was on the old site.........still here!
  22. Slowtime

    High Mileage 6th Gens

    .....not a 6th gen, but my legend before my 6th gen had 261k still was goin strong.
  23. Slowtime

    PT Cruisers are for losers!

    never liked them cars, small as hell and ugly. novelty kinda car
  24. Slowtime

    Starting off young

    Lmao Ctfu !
  25. Slowtime

    the sun finally came out

    classy, i like it man!