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  1. fit_love

    Saying goodbye

    i so sorry :(
  2. fit_love

    Fastflyinaccord's 2000 I4 Coupe 56k no dice

    Re: Fastflyinaccord's 2000 I4 Coupe 56k beware those wheels are too small and the tires are too chunky.
  3. fit_love

    Contest #3 Reflections - Voting Thread

    has to be i recognize the mirror
  4. fit_love

    pictures from GT-R test drive (56k warning)

    that car is soooo sexy. but they pwn your *** with everything else. nissan is practically the only place you can go to get your car worked on hah
  5. fit_love

    Papi RHD S14 Kouki (56k NO!)

    hey youre on jdms! whatcha doin here? lol
  6. fit_love

    South Florida HOnda/Acura Training center ( no 56k !!!)

    that is the cleanest type r ive seen. all it needs is a jap front or a 00 front and that ish is raw!
  7. fit_love

    my fit v2.0 :D

    thank you hoe <3 raked look is ftl imo.
  8. fit_love

    my fit v2.0 :D

    theyre gramlight optimise.
  9. fit_love

    my fit v2.0 :D

    ermmm, sp2 exhaust, test pipe, t1r intake, spoon wing, gramlight wheels, lugs, strut bar, ep3 steering wheel...some other stuff lol the last two rolling shots were taked by a friend on a rig he borrowed. its a mission, but the pictures come out lookin raw. i want one! but theres only 2...
  10. fit_love

    my fit v2.0 :D

    i can always count on you to make fun of teh fit. thank you :p
  11. fit_love

    my fit v2.0 :D

    so ive been adding little things here and there over the past couple months, heres some pictures of everything finally on k.f.s. reppin!
  12. fit_love

    NEW pics from the shoot of today.

    is your lip flat black? i spy a jdm rear fog on the teggy...fanboy!!
  13. fit_love

    Looking at a '99 DEP V6 coupe, need some suggestions *I bought it!!!!!!*

    Re: Looking at a '99 DEP V6 coupe, need some suggestions *I'm buying it!!!!!!* ray with a 6gen? whoa..:thinking:
  14. fit_love

    Who likes Mustangs?

    haha shut up ray
  15. fit_love

    Who likes Mustangs?

    no no im not saying rays car is rice, i like rays car, im just saying thats what we call riced out american cars lol
  16. fit_love

    Who likes Mustangs?

    haha domestic rice :coffee:
  17. fit_love

    Who likes Mustangs?

    i havent gone to this meet in forever :(
  18. fit_love

    Plans for the Summer

    mods + work + disney vacation + nebraska vacation + beach + sleeping in = summer for me
  19. fit_love

    Local cars

    lol not at all
  20. fit_love

    Local cars

    that s2k is jdm rice to me
  21. fit_love

    b0i's 98 Ex

    clean car. have fun :D
  22. fit_love

    teh most complete/calm ricer ive ever seen

    mwhaha, all the money he spent fakin his car, he couldve done something worthwhile to it :fail:
  23. fit_love

    Johnny's 98 Lx sedan UPDATE 1-11-11

    Re: Johnny's 98 Lx sedan UPDATES!!!! pg 4. those red emblems looks weird...
  24. fit_love

    Gas Light

    it should say about how many gallons you have left when your gas light turns on it your manual....
  25. fit_love

    Ultimate Ricer Challenge!!

    it agitates me when someone goes on the ricer rant, just like you did. everyones entitled to their own opinion. everyones definition of rice varies slightly. so **** it. and just cuz everyone buys the same body kit or "bull**** jdm part" doesnt make them trend whores. maybe they just all...