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  1. Datsrboi

    Any Bikers??

    Its not much. Trek 3700 and Schwinn Fastback. Entry level bikes and probably what I will stay at. I did tried a Giant TCR Carbon for awhile but 3 grand was hurting.
  2. Datsrboi

    iDriftYou's Mk3 Supra Build Thread

    Hi. Nice to see you have a supra. The 7mgte block tend to give up and that motor you have now WILL give up again. The 7M block was never meant to be turbo. They just threw lower compression piston with few changes and threw a turbo on. Yes the record 7m motor makes over 900whp but they do not...
  3. Datsrboi

    FS: 99 FBP 5spd sedan part out

    PM me price shipped to fort worth texas 76111 for the stock cat and the 02 sensor that comes off it if its not broken. What was the milleage on the car?
  4. Datsrboi

    Datsrboi's Single turbo supra pics. RIP :(

    I would get the supra. I worked on 240 for some time and the quality and build of a supra is much more rewarding. In fact I am about to pick up a Targa top supra in white again soon. I will not turbo this one and just put in a freshly built NA 2JZ and travel with it as my daily.
  5. Datsrboi

    K&N Drop in filter review

    Can't have Whole lotta performance, while being poor college student to get a honda accord to perform against the big boys. Unless you want to destroy your credit card bills.
  6. Datsrboi

    Using Stock Pipe With Cone Filter..What Size

    First of all what do you have all done to your car? Putting on a high flow filter will not do any good in most cases. The stock filter flows plenty and a simple K&N drop in and its basically a stock cold air intake. Adding a cone filter may seem to give maybe 2-3hp gains but come summer your car...
  7. Datsrboi

    Wheel Offset

    The bigger the wheel/More contact the more you will notice these out of no where forces on the steering wheel. Its normal. Nothing to be worried about. You do not feel it as much on more luxury cars because they are so heavy they absorb everything. 20s on my friends lexus has almost no affect as...
  8. Datsrboi

    Datsrboi's Single turbo supra pics. RIP :(

    I was digging around my phone and found this **This was the LAST shot of my FINALLY finished engine bay 1 night before the accident :( . I had just finally finished all the wiring, paint, chroming, and purple scheme that I HAD DREAMED IT SHOULD BE TWO YEARS AGO :( ***
  9. Datsrboi

    Post Your Desktop

  10. Datsrboi

    You thought tandem drift was cool...

    Thats insane. I still think this is the best drift ever.
  11. Datsrboi

    Reintroducing myself from dfw texas

    Thanks everyone. I posted pics in the non 6ga picture section somewhere. My accord is bone stock.
  12. Datsrboi

    Datsrboi's Single turbo supra pics. RIP :(

    Thank man and thanks everyone. Car was amazing. I have a thing for white cars since I personally think its the purest of all color. Pure and simple with the same idea to the supra with HKS theme as the main focus on the engine bay. That flat black supra your talking about is a stock 1jz...
  13. Datsrboi

    Car-theft ring busted in TX

    Maybe that guy has my fully built type R motor and all the SI parts stolen.. Never even got to floor the dam car.
  14. Datsrboi

    Reintroducing myself from dfw texas

    I have not touch this forum in over two years I think.My name is Dat aka Datsrboi. I moved on into a Toyota supra two years ago but recently lost it to a reckless driver. Now I am back to my 98 accord sedan and maybe I will just do suspension and a drop. It is like learning how to mod a car all...
  15. Datsrboi

    Datsrboi's Single turbo supra pics. RIP :(

    No. I sold it already. I currently give up on cars.
  16. Datsrboi

    Datsrboi's Single turbo supra pics. RIP :(

    Figure I post up my old beloved supra. My accord was my daily driver and my supra was a weekend track and MKIV killer to be. I spent two years hand building and hand restoring this car. It was my dream car I had wanted. Yes this car was hand rebuilt ground up. Never paid anyone to touch it. Yes...
  17. Datsrboi

    Datsrboi TURBO SUPRA *slow internet oh noez*

    Re: Datsrboi 87 turbo supra *hehe slow internet oh noez* Thanks everyone. The motor is a true JDM motor. Its being retorn apart and half rebuilt for a temporary motor. I am after the other motor and hope to have it in by summer. It will be a 1JZ. I wish I could go 2JZ but thats allot of...
  18. Datsrboi

    Datsrboi TURBO SUPRA *slow internet oh noez*

    Re: Datsrboi 87 turbo supra *hehe slow internet oh noez* Actually the picture looks bad. My theme on the car is muscle car like where its your eye is set to the engine and nothing else. I hand gun painted the car with real car paint. It looks allot better in person. Some of the rubber hose...
  19. Datsrboi

    Datsrboi TURBO SUPRA *slow internet oh noez*

    A little bored online tonight and since I have all of these pictures I figure I throw them up and share my exited like everyones else has with their supra. I brought this car from a friend who totally did not know anything about car. Whats worst was it was not well taken cared of with cheap...
  20. Datsrboi

    I need a fast ignition/electrical expert

    First off please forgive me I am on a public computer with limited access to the internet. My car is having a ignition problem and it is NOT the electrical switch. My actual ignition assembly is mess up to where when you turn the key it will not stay in ACC 2 (the second click before starter...
  21. Datsrboi

    Supercharging the F23

    look at the supercharge scion and base your car off that. I had my old car supercharged before. I loved it way better then being turbo because of the fact they are more reliable and for my type of driving a SC is the way to go. My current car would be pointless to supercharged but its still...
  22. Datsrboi

    My respect to my friends and those in the war. PLEASE READ

    Dude thats some good stuff.
  23. Datsrboi

    My respect to my friends and those in the war. PLEASE READ

    I love the troops. My cousins and friends are over there right now. I wish I could be there with them but with my medical condition I cant. Our troops goes through allot and people dont see it as they think they are. They are too busy blaming people when they need to see what our men are...
  24. Datsrboi

    My respect to my friends and those in the war. PLEASE READ

    You stay up for 16 hours He stays up for days on end. You take a warm shower to help you wake up He goes days or weeks without running water You complain of a "headache", and call in sick He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward. You put on your...
  25. Datsrboi

    Car shuts off while driving. Soo?

    I think I traced the problem. Its my ignition switch. I started the car after work today and it tapped the key and the car shutted off. I tapped again to see it went back on. ****............. Thats too much work for a daily driver repair.