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  1. boshi

    Boshi's SSM 2001 Accord Sedan LX

    Did the jumper cable trick and that appears to have fixed my climate issue. Installed: ST Front and Rear Sway Bar Megan Front Upper Control Arm Powertrix Lower Control Arms SPC sent me the wrong upper rear control arms, so I won't be installing those. :/
  2. boshi

    DesiKid's 01 Accord Sedan EX-L

    oh dude, I hear ya. buuuuuut, for the amount of time I'm in my car, I figured it'd be worth it over time for that sweet sweet autoconnect.
  3. boshi

    Boshi's SSM 2001 Accord Sedan LX

    Oh- my climate control crapped out on me. based on what I could find online, it may be something as simple as re-soldering some of the capacitor points. Hopefully, I don't need to buy a new one.
  4. boshi

    Boshi's SSM 2001 Accord Sedan LX

    Why thank you! I got such a good deal on these that I couldn't resist. I was a bit worried at first since most of the threads I found were people running 17's or 18's. I used to have 17" Racing Hart C2 back in the day, but the market for them is like $3500 these days! Crazy... I ended up...
  5. boshi

    Mikey's 2001 Sedan EX

    I posted in DesiKid's thread, but I just got some Grom Audio Bluetooth unit that plugs into the back of the OEM radio. Amazing sound quality and retains all stock button functions for spotify. Would you guys go HIDs or LEDs now?
  6. boshi

    DesiKid's 01 Accord Sedan EX-L

    Yo! I Just purchased and installed a GROM AUDIO add on unit to the OEM head unit. It gives bluetooth and retains the steering wheel controls to adjust spotify!
  7. boshi

    Boshi's SSM 2001 Accord Sedan LX

    Note: Is there a way to edit my first post to include updates? Update 9/8/2023: Installed AVS Outside window visors Installed GROM Audio Bluetooth Unit to stock radio Installed OG TE-37 16x7 +42 Installed my BC Racing Coilovers and wheels. Broke a rear sway bar end link in the...
  8. boshi

    Neuspeed front upper strut bar 4cyl in SoCal

    Hey! I'm in socal (OC area) and I'd be interested! My number is 925-683-5981
  9. boshi

    Boshi's SSM 2001 Accord Sedan LX

    Thanks All! Glad to be back and great to see some familiar screen names. I just picked up a set of OG TE37 (16x7 +42) for the Accord. Couldn't pass up the price. Thanks @RedRyder! I bought mine in 2016, much lower than it is now, but I remember when they were about the same price as a new...
  10. boshi

    DesiKid's 01 Accord Sedan EX-L

    Awesome! She looks like the product of much blood, sweat, and tears. I wouldn't know what to do without the OGs lol
  11. boshi

    Boshi's SSM 2001 Accord Sedan LX

    Hey All! After 15 years, I'm back in a 6GA! This time in a wonderful 5MT. I purchased this car impulsively while browsing Craigslist late one night. Saw this 1-owner, 140k mile, 5MT example with only a couple of pictures. Facetimed the owner and within 1 week, the car was finally mine...
  12. boshi

    another fix: ac condenser fan

    nice! Appreciate the update for when I ultimately have to do mine.
  13. boshi

    RR's '99 coupe EX-L

    Did you ever end up deciding to sell the 'ol girl?
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  15. boshi

    OGs post up!

    yeee - I'm stoked. Just got the O2 sensor changed and getting it all cleaned up. Deciding on spring rates right now for the BC Racing Coils. Don't plan on slamming the car, so don't think I need anything super stiff.
  16. boshi

    Powertrix Rear Lower Control Arms + Static Plate Kit

    Looks like they're available again for $299 + shipping
  17. boshi

    OGs post up!

    awwwman, yeah, doesn’t look like it’s very active here. sure thing! 2001 Honda Accord 5MT 141k miles, purchased from the original owner
  18. boshi

    FS: 98-02 Accord Parts

    Hey, not sure how many of these parts you still have left. shoot me a text 925-683-5981
  19. boshi

    OGs post up!

    Hey Everyone! Anyone still check this thread? I may have stupidly just went and bought another 6ga!
  20. boshi

    ***Post your rolling pics****

    haha nahh, I'm down in Irvine for school right now though
  21. boshi

    Her name is PAIGE ;)

    lookin clean
  22. boshi

    ***Post your rolling pics****

    not an accord, but :D
  23. boshi

    Just Because!!!

    ^^ That is how I would have done mine, if it stayed alive for that long haha Amazing!
  24. boshi

    Tribute to the 6GA OG's

    its been awhile since i've visited this forum, at least a year, I'd say But I used to lurk more than post back in the day, and I must say, I recognize over 80% of the names on that list haha I miss my accord D: PS. was listening to Lights on the way to work, which brought me back here...
  25. boshi

    Boshi's Is350 Picture UPDATE 11.19.10

    bump! pics updated on first page! hope you enjoy! C&C welcome!