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    H22 Swap I forgot all my vBulletin skills. The latest Mt Washington Hillclimb video from last month.
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    H22 Swap

    Yes, as stated it does work if you use the f23 bracket with it. However, depending on the ecu that you're using, you may have to run a relay in order to get the fan to turn on when the compressor running.
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    H22 Swap

    When I was first doing this, there were many obstacles to over come. This is a common swap now, but when I first stared there was very little information and I was probably one of maybe 20 people who had been successful in doing so. Feel free to contribute, but ease off on the criticism...
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    H22 Swap

    I'm not sure that he realizes that I had to re-do the entire thread when shut down. Most of the pics are from over 10 years ago and many of the hosting sites have come and gone. Unfortunately I have also been through a couple of HHD and lost a lot of the pics myself. And...
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    I didnt use any of the evap stuff. So those lines were simply removed.

    I didnt use any of the evap stuff. So those lines were simply removed.
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    H22 Swap

    Ill try to dig up the old photos and rehost them. Its been a few years so no promises though. I did have a Galant VR4 track car for a couple years. The issue was the turbo AWD cars are really expensive to run on the track (and make them competitive against STi's and EVOs). So I sold it...
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    H22 Swap

    Im amazed this thread it still alive! Nice work guys. Sorry I've been MIA.
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    H22 Swap

    No idea! Try it and let everyone know!
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    H22 Swap

    The fan was easy. The fan switch on the thermostat housing (2 pin connector, black wire and green wire) is what controls the fan relay. The switch is grounded when the temp gets to a certain point, (I think around 211f). Once that ground, the relay then switches on allowing power to the fans...
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    Recommended Quarts of Oil for JDM H22a

    I used to put 5qts in my old H22a. Never had any issues.
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    H22 Swap

    Thanks. That was the idea ;) I have the 99 4runner as a daily/tow vehicle. Its super boring but great for the dog and keeps me out of trouble, (for the most part).
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    H22 Swap

    I fabbed up a bracket myself. If I remember correctly, I cut off the "U" part that holds the cable and welded it to another piece, drilled holes, painted, installed.
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    H22 Swap

    Ive been working and racing! 5BWPKcsR3yo nBBkJ6dl6bo I crashed the silver M3 during a hillclimb in 2011 and spent the winter building up a 4 door E36 with all the M3 parts that I had left over. (the silver one only suffered from body damage, nothing mechanical was damaged)...
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    H22 Swap

    Sup guys?
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    H23a DOHC vtec swap?

    Re: H23a DOHC vtec swap? need help I have no idea whats going on. Almost any OBDI honda ecu will work, p06, p72, p13, p28 etc. And as for OBDII, any, P13 will work if the immobilizer is removed as mentioned in the thread above. And if you can find a p13-a12 (96 ecu) you wont need to worry...
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    H22 Swap

    You have to take the 4 wires that would normally go down to the crank, (the ckp sensor and TDC sensor) and route them up to the distributor. Make sure you use shielded wire and try not to have too much excess wire to cause issues. Thats about it.
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    p1122 cel code

    You are correct in assuming the TPS would need to be changed. But before spending any money, I'd check the wires and make sure that everything is copacetic.
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    Live Data, for those sensor reading savvy...opinions please :)

    You're o2 sensor is telling the ECU to pull fuel out (long term fuel trims). How dirty is your air filter?
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    Brake Issue....

    If you were to keep your foot lightly on the brake pedal, and turn the engine on or off, does the pedal move up or down by itself? Im wondering if there is something wrong with the check valve in the booster line.
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    P1259 cel, No vtec yo:[

    Have you checked the VTEC screen? Those commonly get clogged and need to be replaced or cleaned.
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    Unable to take off "wishbone" bolt

    Poor advice that was edited out. Sorry.
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    hey new guy needs help lol

    Have you gone through the basics? are the plugs even getting spark?
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    ITR caliper clearence

    Its close, but they clear it just fine:
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    how do i remove the plastic retaining tab on the shifter cable?

    Some vise-grips usually do the job.
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    Where do these plugs go!?

    Is the compressor turning on? Have you checked all your fuses?