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    European Volkswagen Scirocco

    Saw one today in AZ, had to research cuz I never heard of them, they are pretty nice!
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    Friday Night Euros

    Nice VW in town, never seen them before.
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    [2009-04-26] So Cal Sedan Meet #3

    Nice cars!
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    Friday Night Euros

    Very nice pics bro, was that here in Tucson?
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    My trip around town (lots of pics)

    I like the bra and your car too
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    OG's 6th gen Accords.

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    Guess my mod and get it for FREE!

    Clock light
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    Prelude/Accord Meet

    hahaha no kidding on gas, I went to phoenix for the weekend.
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    Prelude/Accord Meet

    Very nice pics bro!
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    ok, sounds good
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    No problem bro next time.
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    looks good as always mang, you never called yesterday.
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    Motegi DV5 wheels

    So I like my stock wheels, but looking for something bigger and found these that look similar to the stock wheels kind of. Yay or Nay
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    is your car JDM?

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    is your car JDM?

    Mine is JHMCG5, so is it JDM?
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    Teh New Modz

    go to the chat room
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    Teh New Modz

    Idk, i would like to see ur car, can u do it during the week or on weekends?
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    Cost to rebuild transmission?

    I got mine last week for 2650.00 installed with 3 yrs 36,000 mile warranty from honda. and had the same issue from 1st to 2nd gear then my 4th gear gave way and had to drive in 3rd.
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    Teh New Modz

    Pinchi fundillo, that looks badass, I cant even get to the drop and u already got those modz.
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    Accord & Nissan

    Very Nice!!!
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    OFFICIAL Southwest Meet...

    Its a nice drive, im just saying its probably cheaper to stay in a holiday inn express then a 5 star resort, but then again it might be the same.
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    The damage

    Wow that sucks, I guess will do a shoot after you fix it. it happen to me a few years back.
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    OFFICIAL Southwest Meet...

    Why dont we stay in Phoenix, its only a 1 hour 45min ride to Sedona i bet we can get cheaper rooms then a resort.
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    OFFICIAL Southwest Meet...

    Im There