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    amp going into protect mode. Help!

    I am a bit confused - how does a speaker "misfire" ?
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    amp to factory radio?

    The cleansweep is not needed if your OEM headunit doesn't alter the sound any (like a 6th Gen Accord)
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    will my 1200watt Hifonics amp overpower my 12" L5?

    I would be VERY careful setting it that low. Remember that the speaker is unloaded much below the tuning freq, and crossovers are not "brick wall" - they have a slope too.
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    will my 1200watt Hifonics amp overpower my 12" L5?

    make sure you have a subsonic filter set to like 30 Hz.
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    Tweeter upgrade?

    I would like to try them for fun, see how it turns out. The only problem is that they will look anything but stock.
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    Tweeter upgrade?

    bateman balls are good for eliminating early reflections. the cancellation will only occur at the crossover point and small freq spectrum around (maybe 1/2 - 1 oct or so), where the two speakers are playing the same frequencies at a high enough level to matter.
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    Tweeter upgrade?

    Andy (Wheymeyer) was talking about this some time ago on another forum. He siad that wasn't a problem, what you want to do is locate your tweeters as far apart as possible - which gives you the widest stage. Then just use level to balance them out. It also usually requires far less...
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    Tweeter upgrade?

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    RF 3 Sixty Opinions

    how the heck did I read that 3 times and not see it ? Oh well, Ryan is correct - they are a major PITA to install tune and get right. You can get pretty much the same result with T/A and well positioned speakers.
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    RF 3 Sixty Opinions

    Where did all the center channel stuff come from ? I do not see any post in this thread even mentioning it (other than yours). 3sixty is pricey and has it quirks
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    H/o Alternator ?

    The actual amount of current draw for a stereo playing MUSIC is not nearly as much as you think. Probably averages 1/10 of the fuse rating most of the time. This does not apply to heavy bass music.
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    Calling Car audiophiles=)

    personally, I was thinking of a 15" in an infinte baffle
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    Bangin' her in the parking lot!

    ummm .... LOW bass is below 25 Hz
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    I was going to say, if you are running the entire power thru the switch you WILL burn it out again. Relay FTW
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    Calling Car audiophiles=)

    having lower extension and needing less power does not sound like a poison - maybe the bigger box required is the only drawback.
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    i need ideas!!

    I mounted my amps and processor to the drivers side wall in the trunk this what it looks like this is with cover on it
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    got noise? a must-read

    Author: Wayne Harris (Click HERE to view more articles by Wayne Harris.) Originally appeared in the March/April 1989 issue of Car Stereo Review magazine. Some of this has proven to be false but still a good read, especially for a noob
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    OEM tweeters

    I tried tweets in the sail panels ... because the dash on the passenger side juts out so far I got two center images - one in the middle and one just above the glove box latch.
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    8ohm speakers louder?

    those types of speakers are very efficient but you have to use them in the right way.