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    raising my car

    i think fabtech is coming out with a lift kit for 6th gen accords :lolrun:
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    Sakura's Official Secrets List.

    if you go with the brushed silver look, i think it'll tie into with the finish of your wheels. and also, it'll brighten up the front a bit.
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    VIP-Style Minivan

    if you go with air, you can find other ways to mount the tank. it don't necessarily have to be in the trunk area like it normally would.
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    My Style is Impetious, My Defense is in impregnable

    lol @ the people hating on the oem taillights/headlights/and fog lights. :fail:
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    My Style is Impetious, My Defense is in impregnable

    nice. matches the car well and i like the fitment. camber the front a lil bit more and you'll achieve tsuraichi.
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    old news
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    My team members Fit 56k beware...

    nice fit. i'd love to own one in the future. the only thing, needs to work on the stance. a bit more lower and it'll be perfect.
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    New Bumper Teaser!!! (Ji-cell)

    Re: 新バンパ-のチ-セル!!! (Teaser) i'm inspired. wish i didn't let my car go....
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    Real soon this will be mine

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    :fail: alain getting out of my driveway :henry:

    got the wheel fitment there, but you also need the stance.
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    Wheel Question

    just buy yogi's wheels. it's a steal for the price he's asking for.
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    Wheel Question

    here we go again... there was a thread very VERY similar to this one a few months back. heck, it may even be on the second or third page of this subforum cause there's not much traffic . but i'll give my input. go with the staggered setup if that's what you want. most here would...
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    wheels..can't decide

    the enkei's are too common. and i don't like the fat spokes.
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    hah! visiting their site couple years back, the prices seem like a deal. that is until i called them up to inquire about shipping. fuk that. then doing research on other forums to see what people's experience was them, fuk that again.
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    Bike Vs Hooptie

    get the bike. you'll be saving at the pump with it.
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    Coiled down the Tein with problems

    if they ever manufactured the flex system for our cars, i would've jumped on it long ago.
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    teaser pic... LWLBA style

    looks like ksports in there.
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    I dont care if its a 7thgen

    imo, the 06-07 sedan was much better looking than the 03-05 model years. vice versa on the coupe's.
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    I dont care if its a 7thgen

    cause everyone here is still hard on to the 6th gen(i can say this cause i no longer own one :bash: )
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    I dont care if its a 7thgen

    i hope you ain't talking about the f series(with the exception of the f20b).
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    I dont care if its a 7thgen

    if i can't sell my work wheels, then i'll try to find a cb7 sedan that's in good working condition and "lightly" modify it.
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    I dont care if its a 7thgen

    7th gens and scooters(honda ruckus) are cool. fat chicks, not cool.
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    I dont care if its a 7thgen

    honestly, it got more features than a 6th gen. i drove a friend's ex-l sedan, the leather is nice and plush. for a stock car, it was a lot more quicker than the 6th gen. i could still get a 7th gen but turning in my truck for one is not a smart thing to do right now.
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    TEIN SSP With PillowBall Upper Mounts/EDFC

    you can check their website for the height range.
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    TEIN SSP With PillowBall Upper Mounts/EDFC

    the edfc is only compatible, for the 6th gen, with the tein ss-p's. if you got the regular tein ss, non pillowball mount, i don't think it's compatible. for what reason, i'm not sure but it's listed on their website.