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  1. hancockd

    RR's '99 coupe EX-L

    Re: RR's 3.2L '99 EX-L Coupe 6MT :secret: Car looks great Chris
  2. hancockd

    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Pulled 8 different CEL codes...good stuff :shakehead:
  3. hancockd

    Got a new delivery

    55 Gal drum = $1,765.70
  4. hancockd

    Foglight switch
  5. hancockd

    KYB-GR2 OR KYB-AGX with Megan Racing Coilover Sleeves?

    If you're willing to spend the money on shocks that are designed as a replacement for your OEM shocks why not just toss the Megans on your stocks until they blow... essentialy the same thing. Since you are already considering dropping $350 on that setup why not just wait a little longer...
  6. hancockd

    Ebay HID

    x2 OP Link = 1yr warranty DDM = Lifetime warranty
  7. hancockd

    D2 coil overs

    Should probably put this in the F/S section since you are trying to sell something.....
  8. hancockd

    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Haven't touched or seen my car since the middle of April.... it's probably covered in bird ****.. :lawl:
  9. hancockd

    Muhib's 2004 Nissan Maxima SE 6MT

    Re: 6th Gen Pride! Not an Accord but still 6th gen! Car looks awesome, always been a fan of them... maybe because I worked on the assembly line in TN from 2004-2005 :lawl: That thing have some dead hookers in the trunk!?
  10. hancockd

    Trailer hitch yay or nay?

    I say go for it, you can easily pick up a hitch online for about $100. I've been considering getting one.....but I'll be towing a jetski since I no longer have a truck at my disposal... :lawl:
  11. hancockd

    Couple LED Conversion Q's

    Not sure if it applies to your case or not but I thought of it while reading your post... according to LEDautomotive, on their install guide it says "If any LEDs do not light up, simply rotate them 180 degrees and test again" Just a thought
  12. hancockd

    What is this

    That's exactly what my hood first looked like before all of the clear started to peel off...shortly after the hood was gone the rest of the car started to follow suit
  13. hancockd

    Help! Gas Light Problem

    It definitely exists... mine stopped working years ago. :lawl:
  14. hancockd


    I'd rock it :lawl: doing anything on the door panels?
  15. hancockd

    AllGOnoSHOW's SCCA 02 Accord Coupe V6 6M/T

    Judging by this response....that would be a no.. :lawl: What exactly would this curse be?? :thinking:
  16. hancockd

    ION headlights

    I'm out of the country right now and won't be back until October but I have a set sitting in a box
  17. hancockd

    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Just throwing it out there.... they make some pretty nice stuff, I've made quite a few purchases from them over the years and are usually very quick with their shipping.
  18. hancockd

    Noise when air condition is turn on...*vid inside*

    first thing that came to my mind when I read this..... what the ****. Only sound you would hear from the condenser would be an air leak. That belt is always engaged....only thing that changes when the A/C turns on is that the A/C compressor is actually turning. More than likely the...
  19. hancockd

    What'd you do to your accord today?

    I would have to disagree.... 4 gauge 8 gauge
  20. hancockd

    What is this bolt called? Small leak

    Think both of you need to be kicked in the taint for just spouting out random bullsh!t.... If you don't know what the hell you're talking why bother answering??
  21. hancockd

    Sleeper Cell's Coupe *56K death trap*

    Ingalls rear links $80 a side Fits our cars Ingalls
  22. hancockd

    Hi everyone I'm new!

    You guys are pathetic....
  23. hancockd

    Timing belt??? Please advise..

    Ahhh riding around with a ticking time bomb like me huh??? :lawl:
  24. hancockd

    2007 suzuki gsxr 600 SoCal red $5500

    This definitely isn't a scooter Roy... :lawl: