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  1. HotboxF23


    welcome to the forums!! looking forward to seeing the ride
  2. HotboxF23

    New guy

    Welcome to the forum bro Good to see a new Satin Silver team member im sure youll find plenty to do to spice your ride here...enjoy
  3. HotboxF23

    radio and power outlet out

    Make sure to check the passenger side fuse panel thats where the fuse for the radio/lighter is, it can easily be overlooked since most cars have one in the driver said and one in the engine bay ours has that extra one ironically I recently wired my remote turn on wire for my amp to that exact...
  4. HotboxF23

    Need advice/help Asap

    So by short term would you say to work and back for the next couple months..cause thats when I get my settlement Also to note when I keep the rpms low like 2-2.5k the engine is quieter and the smoke doesnt occur much if any at that really helping or is it just in my head? And thanks for...
  5. HotboxF23

    Need advice/help Asap

    So i noticed earlier driving that I had a cloud of blue smoke everytime I pull off or downshift. ..quick analysis deemed the piston ring (s) shot...just wanna kno if I can drive it strictly to work and back until I can afford to get it fixed I work about 7 miles away from home and it just...
  6. HotboxF23

    What'd you do to your accord today?

    No pix but I installed a 12" rocksford fosgate hx2 sub and 320w coustics amp...I know weak amp but till more money come itll have to do..sounds better since I have the sub in the car instead of the trunk tho..moving along
  7. HotboxF23

    car jerks in the morning from reverse to drive

    good deal man better than $243 when you having it installed?
  8. HotboxF23

    Who makes these wheels?

    more like $800 lol Hopefully not i definately like the look so we shall see i think its confirmed that they are Rotas..but thanks
  9. HotboxF23

    ***Official Joke Thread***

    A husband comes home to find his wife with her suitcases packed in the living room. "Where the hell do you think you're going?" he says. "I'm going to Las Vegas. You can earn $400 for a blow job there, and I figured that I might as well earn money for what I do to you free." The husband thinks...
  10. HotboxF23

    gathering experience

    i shop partsgeek and rock auto from time to time and have never had problems and thats on VARIOUS cars and no one said BETTER, read my post i said "but i believe that there are other places and sites that may have the part for cheaper" and also i said "so if you get good quality for less? so da...
  11. HotboxF23

    car jerks in the morning from reverse to drive

    and you are correct the other two on the right are engine mounts and the bottom is a "stopper" according to this Honda link...
  12. HotboxF23

    car jerks in the morning from reverse to drive

    The transmission is in bad shape or transmission MOUNT? N honestly looks like the one on the top left of the picture closest to the transmission is the transmission mount
  13. HotboxF23

    Front lip

    The second one is more specific to your car but cheapo shouldn't necessarily be the option its going right in the front of your car lol
  14. HotboxF23

    DIY: V6 Hood Damper Installation for 4cyls. (hood struts, lifts, shocks)

    yeah i already got dampers but $6 sounds good to me i'll go there asap
  15. HotboxF23

    No resonator?

    according to partsgeek they are both resonator assemblies, front and rear,my bad for the confusion
  16. HotboxF23

    car jerks in the morning from reverse to drive

    Get that axle seal replaced asap..Same as i originally suspected curse of the autos, hard shifts in the morning till you ride it off, best bet is to let it warm up beforehand maybe 5 minutes just to get the valves lubed and working efficiently..the low fluid from the axle leaking would...
  17. HotboxF23

    DIY: V6 Hood Damper Installation for 4cyls. (hood struts, lifts, shocks)

    How much are the OEMs? i think i'll do the same
  18. HotboxF23

    Kevos Audi Allroad 2.7t

    Welcome back man so i assume the audi's gone lol nice CC bro looking forward to future mods, like what you done so far!
  19. HotboxF23

    DIY: V6 Hood Damper Installation for 4cyls. (hood struts, lifts, shocks)

    cool i'll definately be giving this a shot its an easy mod and is so convenient! lol
  20. HotboxF23

    What'd you do to your accord today?

    nice!! along with headlights you truly will have a one of a kind accord
  21. HotboxF23

    Removing Lens Tint help

    I plan on removing the lens tint from my front headlights and clearing the front by removing the amber reflectors..any ideas on how to do so i've heard gasoline, googone,carb cleaner(which im hesitant at trying) etc so i wanna know who's already done it, keep in mind its my headlights so i dont...
  22. HotboxF23

    Heater Core Brand Question?

    no problem if you have an odor try replacing the cabin air filter that should help too
  23. HotboxF23

    Do I need a new master cylinders?

    The part number to the rod seal from Honda is 46185-S04-J01 its less than $3 if you choose to replace it, which i would recommend since its so cheap wouldnt wanna risk contaminating your brake system or possibly any other brake problem but if it doesnt look f*d or torn you can just reuse it
  24. HotboxF23

    No resonator?

    Heres a link with a diagram of parts labled in numbers the part you are describing that looks like a muffler before the split is in fact a type of muffler that changes the shape of the sound and reduces noise coming from the engine If you want to purchase OEM this link has all the parts for...

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