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  1. 1fastj30a1

    After a 2-3 year drought...

    will you be selling your old headlights then? with the clear strips? please? :)
  2. 1fastj30a1

    11 second 6th gen
  3. 1fastj30a1

    Oil filter Stuck v6

    no it was some cheap ****, stp i believe but i'm not 100% sure. i'm sure glad i don't use that crap on my own car. the filter inside is some crappy paper. edit: also, the metal for the filter was thin as hell, i got a few cuts on my hands. couldn't use gloves cuz they just slipped
  4. 1fastj30a1

    Oil filter Stuck v6

    i just remembered what it's called, a channel lock
  5. 1fastj30a1

    Oil filter Stuck v6

    good luck, here are the remains of what happened with a stuck cheap filter on a truck i did an oil change on not too long ago: used an oil wrench with a chain if you can. it ended up being one of those pliers that head...
  6. 1fastj30a1

    New to the 6GA scene...

    look at the VIN on the dash or under the hood. it's in the vin. mine is a CG1 so it startes with 1HGCG1 edit:
  7. 1fastj30a1

    FS: FREE R33? Front Bumper

    Where in the bay are you?
  8. 1fastj30a1

    picture request. 15's w/h&r sport springs/w/aftermarket struts/shocks

    I did this chop to my car a while back, a lot lower than what you're asking for though. bleh
  9. 1fastj30a1

    Aux in on stock headunit?

    If your headunit has the cassette too, you can use a tape adapter. Cheap, and some sound really good.
  10. 1fastj30a1

    WTB ASAP- 01-02 Coupe front bumper

    glad you're okay. try craigslist. in my area, i once tons of ads for people selling unpainted bumpers for cheap. not oem though maybe you might find something there
  11. 1fastj30a1

    **Slammed Content** (no 56k)

    So I was bored. I think green would look good. Maybe something should be done to the lip, maybe paint it the same orange that's also on the hood? ignore green lugs, this was a quickie.
  12. 1fastj30a1

    newb question

    Look at your VIN number on your dash, under the hood, and maybe in the door. It should start with 1HGCG, and then it'll say what number it is. Mine is a CG1, so it starts with 1HGCG1 Not sure if the 1HG is on all cars but the chasis code is in the vin.
  13. 1fastj30a1

    Anyone works for Honda/Acura dealer that can pull a radio code for me? Honda Owner's Link. Free Below the pic of an Accord on the bottom it says retrieve radio code. You need VIN.
  14. 1fastj30a1

    Slotted piece next to the steering wheel...??

    He's talking about this: It's on the left On auto climate models only I think. EX V6
  15. 1fastj30a1

    Someone is finally doing a 6th Gen K-swap

    A V6p member has been working on this for a couple years as well. :coffee:
  16. 1fastj30a1

    Talk about quality.....

    Try to see if you guys have Dale Hardware, they have that stuff too.
  17. 1fastj30a1

    PICS!!Blox open house in fremont ca.

    Any more pics? About 10 minutes from me, should've went.. too busy though Honda Del Sol? :ugh:
  18. 1fastj30a1

    HID High beams

  19. 1fastj30a1

    can someone ps my car....thanks

    OMFG Larry. You are the man.
  20. 1fastj30a1

    Runningpanda's 1998 Accord Sedan V6 (No 56K)

    Nice car. Yellow lugs look goofy though. You can buy lens restoration kits for $15-20. Try that first. :jae:
  21. 1fastj30a1

    rims rub calipers

    My buddy has 07ish Civic Si wheels on his 02 coupe. He got the calipers slightly grinded to make the wheels a tight fit. spacers if you don't want to touch calipers..
  22. 1fastj30a1

    DIY Intake Sound paired with an Exhaust

    Why do you have have Shenaniganz08's video on your channel? From his channel: :eekwtf:
  23. 1fastj30a1

    honda lift

    I was thinking about the car slowing down a little because of bigger tires, not bad. Not sure why it's necessary to call me that though.

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