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  1. danielkkm

    Magnaflow Catback or Apexi WS2 catback

    Looking for a catback exhaust system for the V6 trim. Most preferably in the greater Sacramento area so we don't have to deal with the whole shipping costs and what not.
  2. danielkkm

    Wheel Fitment Thread

    I'm also considering xxr's. I was interested in the 17x8.25 wheel size with a +35 offset since I don't want too much of an aggressive hellaflush look. If I'm lowered around with a one finger gap all around on Megan's ez streets, what tire size would you recommend without rubbing? Any...
  3. danielkkm

    2000 v6 issue

    After inspecting it was an engine mount. The one closest to the driver steering wheel. It seems to be torn up a bit. Thanks for the input guys. No engine light either.
  4. danielkkm

    Spacemonkee's '00 AV6 4door (No 56K)

    Looks super clean man! Can I ask what fog light switch you put in? I'm looking for an OEM fog switch to link up with my diy civic 01-03 fogs. I was going to get a civic 01-03 oem switch, but was wondering of any others might fit.
  5. danielkkm

    Any NorCal members?

    Could you keep me posted for this possibly for the next one that comes up or just anyone I can message for local ones? That's awesome that there are people in the area!
  6. danielkkm

    Wheel Fitment Thread

    I am approximately at a one finger gap all around on a coupe v6. Will I have any difficulty fitting RPF1s with the size 17x9 +35 offset? Any recommendations for tire size with my current setting? I was thinking 225/45/17, however wasn't sure if it would close the gap entirely or leave room.
  7. danielkkm

    Any NorCal members?

    I've had my 00 coupe for a while now, however I haven't been as active on the site since school, but any members on here residing in the greater not cal area? Specifically sacramento and any areas close to that?
  8. danielkkm

    "Function & Form" Coilovers - 6GA SPECIAL

    Is this still going on?
  9. danielkkm

    2000 v6 issue

    Not really sure what it could be, but sometimes I would start the car and the engine seems to have some irregularity in the way it sounds. It seems as though the engine vibrates really hard. It isn't subtle cause I can definitely hear some loud vibrating. After a couple seconds it dies out and...
  10. danielkkm

    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Finally took out the old suspension and swapped in some Megan ez streets. Super stoked to see how they do in the next couple of months!
  11. danielkkm

    Wheel Fitment Thread

    Any modifications to fit 8thgen si wheels on a 2000 accord coupe? Some have told me I might need 5 mm spacers in front. Is this true?
  12. danielkkm

    Ride of the Year: michael_accord

    Wow. Super clean accord. Congratulations on the win! The color of the wheels and paint match so well.
  13. danielkkm

    Crazy Civic R Vid

    Can't wait till this is released!
  14. danielkkm

    New to this. LED interior help

    Hey man I'm not really sure if I can be of great help, but have you double checked maybe if it was the correct bulb size? Lots of times we confuse the bulb numbers with others and get the wrong type.
  15. danielkkm

    A black Accord coupe...

    Nice !
  16. danielkkm

    Whats Up

    Looks like a great start!
  17. danielkkm

    5lug swap finished.

    Looks nice man!
  18. danielkkm

    6th gen Accord Decal pics

    I need some of these!
  19. danielkkm

    Finally Lowered!!

  20. danielkkm

    For sale thread?

    It says I may not have sufficient privileges or awaits activation for my account. How do I fix this? I really want to sell some parts, but I'm not able to post in the thread.
  21. danielkkm

    Wheel Fitment Thread

    Im thinkinh about 25mm spacers. Would that help get me the flush/stance I want? Would I also need extended studs?
  22. danielkkm

    Wheel Fitment Thread

    How about +30? I could imagine poke, but is it alot of poke? Any major work involved to get 18x8 +30 to fit?
  23. danielkkm

    Wheel Fitment Thread

    Im planning on getting some mb battles. Has anyone had issues fitting 18x8 +43 offset on the coupe accords? My year is a 2000. Im not planning to slam my car, but definitely going for a coilover set up. Planning to stance and have a one finger gap. Will it look pretty flush? I do want some...
  24. danielkkm

    Paint Shops?

    Any notable paint shops willing to paint my lip kit for a decent price? Mainly looking for some in the Sacramento area. Anyone from the Sac area care to guide me in the right direction? I have the front, rear, and sideskirts by baysonr needing paint.
  25. danielkkm

    New to this site

    Thanks man!

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