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  1. Ccrew95

    vtec seneloid removal/screen clean..."pics"

    Nice write up, had to do it on mine too and was surprised how much **** had collected in the screen.
  2. Ccrew95

    FS: TheHunter's 98 V6 6 Speed (56k)

    Damn, nice coupe, GLWS
  3. Ccrew95

    2001 Accord H22A4 Build

    So I wrapped it up once I figured it out and forgot to write down what I did. But basically I just switched around the 4 wires that go in to the F23 plug and it eventually worked.
  4. Ccrew95

    2001 Accord H22A4 Build

    I was able to figure it out using what I had before and changing it a bit with yours. I will post what I did differently shortly.
  5. Ccrew95

    2001 Accord H22A4 Build

    I've been staring at this thing all morning and certain I have it down as per the diagram in the upper right, but it just won't start. Was there anything outside of that diagram that you did?
  6. Ccrew95

    2001 Accord H22A4 Build

    Did this work for you? No check engine lights?
  7. Ccrew95

    F23a4->H22a4 swap dizzy problems

    I know there have been several threads on this already but I have not been able to find a straight answer on what I'm looking for. I swapped in an h22a4 and am using the H22a4 dizzy with the F23 wiring harness. I made a conversion harness off of some specs I saw on a different thread. Since day...
  8. Ccrew95

    Tein Street Basis Coilovers

    Ya there is a top hat in the back. Ill take a look and if I still can't figure it out, I'd love to see pics of yours.
  9. Ccrew95

    Tein Street Basis Coilovers

    I appreciate it, I'll take a look. Although for some reason I thought that the hole in the strut tower was too big and that the bushing and washer fit through, hopefully I'm wrong.
  10. Ccrew95

    Tein Street Basis Coilovers Going off of this diagram though, those are supposed to be on top.
  11. Ccrew95

    Tein Street Basis Coilovers

    Or if anyone has the instruction manual and could post pics of that, that'd be awesome, I can't find them anywhere.
  12. Ccrew95

    Tein Street Basis Coilovers

    I installed theses recently and finally noticed that the strut has poked a hole through my rear deck. I'm certain that I installed them properly but not sure why this is happening. Anyone had this happening or know a way to fix it?
  13. Ccrew95

    RLX headlight retro

    They recall is for a reflective backing piece inside I believe. I guess it is delaminating which isn't a huge problem anyway.
  14. Ccrew95

    RLX headlight retro

    Well, I had high hopes for em. Still gonna try and convince them to give em back.
  15. Ccrew95

    RLX headlight retro

    Acura just released a recall on the RLX headlights so my mom will be taking hers in within the next couple of months. I told her that if they need to replace them, then she needs to ask to keep the old ones so that I can do a retrofit onto my 2000 coupe. Any thoughts?
  16. Ccrew95

    FS: K Series Accord, Shell

    Is this Dreman's old car? I wanted to buy it when he sold it, had no money. I want to buy it now, still have no money.:squintrun: GLWS!
  17. Ccrew95

    H22 dizzy question? Great thread for this swap and what I followed.
  18. Ccrew95

    H22a swap drivers side mount

    Best bet is to just get the innovative motor mount swap f23 to h22 conversion mount.
  19. Ccrew95

    CCrew95's H22 CG3 *56k

    H22a4 swag, all done in my garage!
  20. Ccrew95

    Need help with speakers

    You just need to follow the wires and isolate where the problem is coming from. Front speakers cut out from time to time and eventually turn back on, even though they are after market. I think mine short out when it rains because a small bit of water is able to get in between the window and the...
  21. Ccrew95

    H22 Swap Radiator Fans not starting

    Make sure you check your vtec plug. there is another plug that is the same size that often get mixed up. Vtec runs on the same circuit or something, happened to me.
  22. Ccrew95

    DIY side markers install

    nicely done man, great write up!
  23. Ccrew95

    Lower Grill Repair

    Jdm duct tape and zip ties
  24. Ccrew95

    G101/Injector ground help

    Ive been told that this has to ground to the ecu, because grounding it anywhere will leave the injectors permanently closed....?

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