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  1. JDMpower25

    Rota RB

    yeah i know man. wish i had money to do all that lol.
  2. JDMpower25

    Rota RB

    when i do get some wheels they gonna be 17x9/9.5 or 18x9/9.5 leaning more towards 18 inch so i dont have to slam the car that low, gotta be able to run 3 inch downpipe.
  3. JDMpower25

    Rota RB

    lol. i normally like something 5 or 6 spoke
  4. JDMpower25

    Rota RB

    yeah youre right. just saw them on 5th gen accord. and didnt really like them. it probably look even worse on our car.
  5. JDMpower25

    Rota RB

    i like my wheels. but in the future want some wider wheels. mines are 17x7
  6. JDMpower25

    Rota RB

    i know i like those. also like the xxr962. just saw these n was wondering how they would look. couldnt find any pics. thats all
  7. JDMpower25

    Rota RB

    lol why you sound so angry. relax buddy. I didnt know how else to ask. thats why i created a thread. to see peoples opinion.
  8. JDMpower25

    Rota RB

    hey guys. saw these on ebay. let me know what you think. would they look good on our cars?
  9. JDMpower25

    *Tri-State 6GA Meet!!!!!

    very upset that i cant show guys. so i put the engine in and everything. n it sounds like the block that i just bought has a mean azz rod knock. :( i guess i got scammed. bought off a guy on craigslist. anyway hope u guys have fun. im gonna try to figure out if i can keep this block or its...
  10. JDMpower25

    In the junk yard. Need help now!

    yes it should fit. i used an f23 knock sensor on my H22.
  11. Golden eagle head gasket and ARP studs

    Golden eagle head gasket and ARP studs

  12. ACT 8lb flywheel and stage 4 clutch

    ACT 8lb flywheel and stage 4 clutch

  13. 4173.jpg


  14. JDMpower25

    *Tri-State 6GA Meet!!!!!

    im excited. may 20th my vacation starts. so thats gonna be a good start :) just put my H22 back together. trying to get it back in my car before the meet. :)
  15. JDMpower25

    99 front wheel bearings?

    it could actually be your left side bearing. when u turn to the left, car shifts weight to the right side, taking some weight off the left wheel, thats why the humming goes away. But i agree with everyone, just take both knuckles off and take them to the shop
  16. JDMpower25

    passenger axle is not popping out of the tranny!!

    oh sorry. didnt see your last post. glad you got it out.
  17. JDMpower25

    passenger axle is not popping out of the tranny!!

    use a small pry bar and hold inner cv joint straight. should pop out. alot of times when u pry it from one side it cocks a little bit preventing it from coming out. (hold it straight and pry)
  18. JDMpower25

    ***New Piks+VIDEO!!!

    damn Vlad, very nice. wish my car looked that good. :thumbup:
  19. JDMpower25

    *Tri-State 6GA Meet!!!!!

    well if Halabeaster54 not coming, someone gotta bring some hotdogs. :sad:
  20. JDMpower25

    Anyone know who owns this Accord?

    i dont know why he's saying its running so rich you cant get a reading, when a gauge clearly shows its running way too lean. he's gonna blow that thing up running it lean.
  21. JDMpower25

    squeaking noise.

    you gotta specify when does it squeak? when you accelerate? idle?
  22. JDMpower25

    Brake Pads Smoking?

    good. glad u didnt have to buy a new caliper. :)
  23. JDMpower25

    nine23 ~ 2001 Accord Sedan LX (56K) update 6/15/13

    Re: (UPDATE) nine23 ~ 2001 Accord Sedan LX im not judging your taste, but i just dont see how that could be comfortable to drive. your shift throw is very long. but if you really wanna keep it, just have someone weld an extention, and then polish it, will look much nicer.
  24. JDMpower25

    Brake Pads Smoking?

    try to push the piston back in further. (same thing happened to me one time, had to push the piston in more)
  25. JDMpower25

    Brake Pads Smoking?

    is the smoke coming from both sides? or just one?

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